Manipal Hostel Life

‘A Home Away From Home‘ is probably the best way we can sum up the essence of hostel life in a sentence.

A student’s life is a medley of getting up in the morning, having a quick bath, followed by a very quick breakfast, running to reach the college on time and staying awake at class and wishing you were anywhere but here (maybe at the juice center or at Coffee Day).

The lifeline of the Hostel is the TV Room – be it a cricket match, movie or Formula 1, the power output of the students is enough to shatter the glass.

By then it is 7:30 and you are looking for someone in the hostel – where do you go? Not anywhere but the Mess, which provides nutritious food for all who care to come. For all those who don’t and who are too broke to go out, you can visit the night canteen – coffee or tea for all those late night studying students and Maggi, Omelette, chips for those who want a midnight snack. But better get back fast as the clock strikes 12 and Boom! Its birthday time….. chocolate cake, gifts, eggs, birthday bumps – are all part and parcel of a hostel birthday party, an unforgettable experience.

The most dreaded job, the nightmare of a hostelite – Washing clothes.

All in all, life in the hostel is a blend of ups and downs, sharing of emotions, developing the friendship of a lifetime or just becoming strong enough to face the world. This is a place where your friends are your family with whom you share beautiful memories you would live to tell!

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