Anger, Aggression and Abuse


Aggressive behavior means strictly standing up for your rights, but in a violent way, where you entirely dominate the opponent. That means what ever you say is only true and any points or statements coming against it are absolutely false.

The people who are aggressive use anger, aggressive body language to dominate the other person (opponent).

Very often, the picture we have about ourselves in our mind is quite opposite. The picture we have and what others think are two different things. And we really think a lot when we know this difference.

Harmful effects of anger are The long-term physical effects of uncontrolled anger include increased anxiety, high blood pressure, headache, heart-attack etc.

Anger is useful and will be positive, when used or expressed in the right or proper way.
To reduce anger or to overcome anger we need, regular physical exercise and learning relaxation
techniques are necessary along with counseling.

Control your anger and stop abusing your body!


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