An interview with Binie Boves: The Delhi Daredevil

Binie Sarah Boves

An interview with binie boves: the delhi daredevil 1
Binie Sarah Boves

Q. Give us an introduction about yourself.

A. I am a super compulsive Delhi daredevil with an absolute love for life on the edge. Fashion, gym and friends are the most critical aspects of my existence. They say that I am a guy in a girls clothing.

Q. What are you hobbies and are you interested in writing?

A. In Hobbies, I have a very sincere love for the TV Show ‘Top Gear’, I am far ahead of BBC when it comes to this particular show. Also, I seem to have passively taken up counseling/advising as one of my hobbies (I amaze myself at times), I find such engagements/dialogues very symbiotic (mutually benefiting). But above all I am a work-out enthusiast my days are incomplete without sweating it out at the gym.

Q. How did you find about ManipalBlog?
A. I found out about ManipalBlog as a Facebook notification of one my friend’s likes for it.

Q. Do you like Manipal as a place?

A. This question is actually a rhetorical one. Since I set foot on this place I have grown in a fondness for this place. I fear my love for Manipal will some day overcome my love for Delhi. Manipal as a place is absolutely relative to my age and inclinations that accompany. Vacations have taken a sad turn since Manipal, for me (Home sweet home; nah!). The hangout places, the food joints, a crowd that represents you, the weather, its proximity to Goa and the like is enough to give anybody a good rush about this place. I can’t miss to mention that, this place is quite exhaustive with its hospitality for an international crowd and that just gives it a rather welcoming bent. In Manipal I have experienced a very strange harmony between fun and duty. I can already tell, checking out of this place is not going to be an easy task.

Q. Any parting words?
A. I think being a student at the Pharmacy College in Manipal, has added a distinguished dimension to student life and the world of it. The experience is enriching with all the conducive elements one can think of. I completely dice this prospect, that came my way!!

Thanks a lot Binie for the wonderful answers!

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