An Easter Island Holiday for Everyone

Easter Island is famous for its huge stone heads which were carved and erected all over the island hundreds of years ago by the Polynesian culture that covered the South Pacific triangle.

Holiday destinations are supposed to be fun, adventurous, refreshing, and relaxing.  It’s not supposed to be stressful, dealing with in-laws and dealing with the drama that sometimes comes with it.  In Easter Island, one of the mysterious islands, hundreds of people flock to the island.  It is the home to the famous stone heads that, to this day, no one has figured out how they got there or how they were constructed.  The Moai statues line the coast, and the island is home to several petroglyphs and ancient carvings.

Needless to say, tourists who are looking for a holiday getaway can get it here at Easter Island. There are Easter Island holidaysthat will leave tourists refreshed.  It is on the one hand family friendly, and on the other it is scenic.  Enjoy the island and stay in accommodations that are suitable for you and your family.

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Easter Island Is Famous For Its Huge Stone Heads Which Were Carved And Erected All Over The Island Hundreds Of Years Ago By The Polynesian Culture That Covered The South Pacific Triangle.

Rapa Nui National Park

This is a big attraction in Easter Island.  Explore the park and see the island’s history up close.  What’s even more is that there is an active volcano that lies in the middle of the park where tourists can easily and quickly walk to the top.  Throughout the park, there are ancient remnants and rituals that tourists can see up close.  Of course, don’t forget about the beach that outlies the park.

Cave Exploration

There are expansive caves that are open and able to be explored.  Some caves are official, while some are not. In either case, you can go into the caves to explore expansively to your heart’s content.  Many wonders and wildlife can be found within these caves and the sight is just wonderful to see up close.

Green Island Tours

If nothing else, take a tour, by land or sea, through the island.  See the forests, the Moai statues, and beaches to your heart’s content.  See the history and talk to some of the locals.  It is an amazing thing, to see different things on your holiday tour. There are local customs and restaurants that are hit along the way.

Taking advantage of tour companies will be more beneficial to you so you can get the most out of your vacation.  Easter Island is a great destination to go during any holiday as the weather will be great and the attractions even better.   Book today and take a look at how much the this small island will impact you – for the better.

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