An Ad for Atheism


Do you want a life without religious constraints?
Do you want a life free from worshipping fictional Gods?
Do you wish for an unbigoted world?

Why not become


Benefits of Atheism:

  • You get to live life rationally
  • You get to worship no mythical Gods and/or Goddesses, or have your life dictated by clerics or godmen. In fact, you get to worship real stuff like Science, Hardwork, Sincerity and Compassion, and you get to be responsible for your own actions.
  • You gain humanity and nature points as every human will be equal to you irrespective of colour, race and occupation, and nature and preservation will become more important than religious beliefs.
  • You get to celebrate festivals by your own choice, and will not be forced to celebrate any festival if you don’t agree with it. Also, you can celebrate any festival, just with the intention of spreading goodwill and harmony and happiness, without religious undertones.
  • You can eat anything!
  • You get to pay more attention to genuine causes like literacy and health than offense of your religion by miscreants through cheap antics.
  • You get to marry any girl/guy you like*!!!An ad for atheism 1

And the best thing is, IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!
Converting to atheism just requires a change in mindset and nothing else.

“Converting to atheism has changed my life completely. Previously I had the burden of having a religion, I did not have the liberty to do some things that I wanted to because elders said our religion did not allow me to. Now that I’m a successful independent adult, I realised that it wasn’t some god that helped me, but my own work and rational beliefs. I did not want to be bound by religion. I’m a free independent thinker! I’m an atheist!”A Happy Atheist

“Bigotry sucks. Religion is the cause of most of the evil things that are happening in the world right now- Terrorism, riots, honour killings etc. I did not want to be associated with any of that. That’s why I chose to be an atheist.”A Bigotry Hater


So, what are you waiting for? Unsubscribe from your painful and oppresive religion and choose the right way of life: atheism!

*Conditions Apply

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