The Balloon Fight

It was a long dark corridor, a light displaying an outline of its end. Green lights flickered from the tops at regular intervals. The atmosphere was dank, the air was moist with humidity. The place was cool as a breeze flowed through its narrow orifices. At the end was ever-green knowledge, something which might get me into depths of fatigue for the next two days. The cold steel handle in my hand was shivering, almost trying to run away for the bucket it held would soon creak inaudible shrieks of pain. Today, I was about to fill water balloons. And today, I was about to learn to tie a knot to them.

Let me go back into the past a bit. The day before yesterday was my first day in my entire life working in an atmosphere fit for a fete. And a fete it was! I wasn’t there when the tables, the chairs and the charts were set up, (I was busy pwning people by competing in an event, but that’s a different story…) but when I came back later in the evening, the look of Kamath Circle (Or fondly and easily, just KC) was outlandishly different. People were laughing, playing around in the loud, LOUD music and then there were the balloons. Thanks to this freakishly awesome idea from somebody in the publicity team, this was perhaps the most entertaining, the most amusing of all the games/events at TechWeekend. It was fun watching people getting wet, it was fun getting wet too but when a senior came to me with a handful of balloons and said, “iske saath jaa aur balloons bhar ke la”, I slumped. I was tired upto infinite indices and I was in no mood and had the minutest inclination to do it.
But, kya karte…?  I thought I’d give it a try. And so I did. My apprehension disappeared instantly. Now, let me come back to the oh-so-spooky corridor.  Welcome to the K-Block, small hutments with freakishly awesome internet connection. No, I did not test it myself but statistics prove it. The NLH has one router for four hundred students. Speed=poor. Our hostels have one router for 16 students. Speed=great. K-Block has one router for four students. Speed=HOLY HELL! See my point? Okay anyways, thanks to idiosyncrasies of the Food Court authorities, we (Yes, we) had to go till there and fill our buckets. Yes, balloons burst on us while filling, it was fun. Balloons had holes, still it was fun. We had to carry the balloons to the food court, OMG! They were heavy!
But screw the difficulties faced as today was particularly awesome. Arvind bhaiya, our senior decided to take a direct head-shot at Radhi didi, another of our seniors. He succeeded to great public amusement. Oh, entertainingly enough, in our next frame of vision, we saw a guy running off with huge bouts of voracious, fulfilling laughter and a girl with a bucket of soapy water in hot pursuit. Ha! At another similar incident, Pulkit bhaiya, the convener of TechWeekend came up to me with a balloon and asked me to fill it. And I did. Unfortunately I couldn’t spectate when he targeted another IEEE committee member.
But who cares of these details; I learned two important things today:
1)These guys are amazingly jovial and 2) How to tie a knot to a water balloon. (And I am proud of the latter)
Signing off…


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