What these Manipal University Students did will win your hearts!

Students of Manipal University participated in planting of saplings around Manipal Lake on Sunday 26.4.2015.

Wing Commander A. Bhojraj, who looks after the upkeep of Manipal lake, lauded the efforts of a team of Manipal University students, who decided to start a Green Manipal moment of their own volition. A step towards restoring the pristine tranquility of Manipal.

The students who did not belong to any club or organised activity group, decided to join and plant trees around the Manipal lake (a man-made lake in Ananth Nagar, Manipal). The rag-tag team of Manipal University students from different institutions, included post-graduate students and faculty members too.

“I have seen students spending time on Parties. But today, it was really pleasing to see you here, working for a good cause and that too on a Sunday Morning. People like you are rare to find”

—–Wing Commander A. Bhojraj, Caretaker Manipal Lake.

Students of manipal university participated in planting of saplings around manipal lake on sunday 26. 4. 2015.
Students Of Manipal University Participated In Planting Of Saplings Around Manipal Lake On Sunday 26.4.2015.

The “Green Revolution”, as they have come to call themselves, planted 46 saplings of various flowering, non-flowering and medicinal plants in the early hours of Sunday, 26th April 2015.

What started of as just a brain wave of one of the members of the student community of Manipal Institute of Technology, sparked a major discussion in one of the Facebook groups and within 3 days, a team came together  and it was decided to start planting trees on Sunday.

A student carrying the saplings to designated areas around manipal lake for planting.
A Student Carrying The Saplings To Designated Areas Around Manipal Lake For Planting.

The event started at 7.30 am, with the zeal and enthusiasm of doing something worthwhile and selfless at the same time to help the society in the long run.  All the participants carried out their tasks efficiently in a coördinated team work, and the planting of saplings was carried out effortlessly.

Having fun while saving the future
Wing Commander Bhojraj All Smiles At The Enthusiasm Shown By The Students From Across The Country!


The attempt was supported by the International Centre For Culture and Education (ICCE) , with due permission from District Collectors Office at Manipal; Forestry Department Manipal; DC Office Udupi; and the Project Incharge-Manipal Lake. The plants were chosen after a good discussion with the officials as to those that can survive the harsh Manipal summer.

Choosing the right plants for the tree plantation activity around manipal lake
Choosing The Right Plants For The Tree Plantation Activity Around Manipal Lake

The event surpassed all expectations and all participants had contended smiles on their faces. The earth too, will hopefully celebrate the growth of the saplings over time.

It was a coordinated activity that saw contentment on the faces of all involved in the tree planting activity around manipal lake
It Was A Coordinated Activity That Saw Contentment On The Faces Of All Involved In The Tree Planting Activity Around Manipal Lake

As the coördinator of this event, It was a great pleasure for me to have worked on a good cause with this team. We want to see more greenery. I feel that climate change has been a matter of concern to all, but it makes no sense merely sharing it on the social networking sites and putting forward our condolences and pity. We need to do our part. The educated youth can understand the plight of the society and the planet to the most extent. We have been here today to do our part, and it has been made possible by the incredible efforts of the team, especially Nivetha, Arjun, and Rama.

Hopefully this one will grow to provide the manipal lake with added beauty and shade!
Hopefully This One Will Grow To Provide The Manipal Lake With Added Beauty And Shade!

This event was organized under the affiliation of ICCE, which is focused to work for the environment, and puts in efforts to educate, motivate, and inspire the youth to understand their roles and prove their worth. On behalf of the entire team of Green Revolution, Manipal, I would like to convey my gratitude to Wing Commander Bhojraj, who has provided strong support throughout, and it would be unfair not to thank the participants who put in so much effort on a Sunday morning! It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Being the climate counselor of Manipal, I will try to make sure that similar activities take place, which will positively impact our climate even after most of us pass out of this wonderful University.

I wish, the enthusiasm shown by the few today, will inspire more students and the local community to volunteer for the cause!

This is a very satisfying activity and one can watch their babies in the form of the plants  grow right in front of their own eyes!

Hope this small step we’ve initiated spreads across this town and across the globe.

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