Abhishek Upamanyu – Jealous of a Saabziwala

The  most awaited stand-up comedy show by Abhishek Upamanyu took place on 26th of January 2019 at Syndicate Jubilee Hall . The long queue of the audience outside the auditorium was observed way before the show was set to begin which clearly showcased the excitement of the crowd. The hall was seemingly full for both of his shows that took place consecutively. Crowd started coming in by 4.10 pm for the 1st show and up beat music kept playing till the show began.

The show began around 4.45 pm with the 15 min stand up by Vishal as he introduced himself and he did not disappoint the audience and made sure people laughed for the whole 15 minutes giving Upmanyu a good competition. The audience did not lack the energy for cheering when he announced the entry of the man of the hour Abhishek Upmanyu.

Upmanyu is a 29 year old lad  who has worked three different jobs in the time frame of one and a half year which made him realise that corporate jobs are not his thing and he needs to pursue something he loves which led him to stand- up comedy and he clearly is doing a great job at it

Abhishek Upmanyu –  Jealous of Saabziwala as the name of the show stated he opened up his performance by saying “review main likhoge ki sala ek bhi joke nahi maara pyaaz pe” ( loosely translated to – you’ll write in the review that not even one joke was on onions) and the crowd burst into laughter .  He kept the audience engaged throughout the hour by telling the most interesting life incidences of his younger days with family and in college which kept the crowd jumping on their seats with laughter. His jokes on his college life and the way he narrated the incidences made the crowd go mad. The show was a hit with the help of the audience that did not hesitate to appreciate.

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