A Prayer, Rest me now – Sudipta Chakravarti


A prayer, rest me now - sudipta chakravarti 1Hands folded, sitting down,
eyes closed, his spirits down,
Sits on the cold floor,
head held low,and hands raised.

Sitting on the saintly place,he prayed.
A penance for every mistake committed,
a smile for every small good deed,
health and wealth for his family,
but to break out of the chains largely.

The chains of life,the chains of lust,
the chains he had to break,a must.
A chain to love,a chain to greed,
a chain to combining jealousy,pride and creed.
To God , was his humble request,
break the all and let him rest.

He has fallen out from the rock of life,
many a times faced grief and strife,
Stumbled on d stony road,
stuck out all the time aboard,
to reach his state of peace,
completing all his ‘ kartavyas ‘.
He’s not old, he’s not young,
he’s old to the matters of the world.
All he wants his freedom to death,
asking Him to give the mere human some rest.

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