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Starry night over the Rhône
Starry night over the Rhône

I was amazed to learn that the planet Venus follows a pentacle path. It takes 8 years for it to do so. Pentacle is nothing but collection of 5 lines that intersect. Isn’t it wonderful? But wait, most amazing wonderful part is yet to be told, i.e., this fact was discovered by our ancestors at least 4000 years before the Christ!

Welcome to Virtually There (VT) – V8, version eight, I am here with a story of a night!

Being nocturnal is the youth trend. This version may go wrong with the some of you, but I am going with a disclaimer now itself. Yes, I am going to talk about night outs. Hence here is this disclaimer- Dear reader, if I give you a stone- you can either put it down or break it or you can use it to build the next beautiful structure. Control was with you, waste it or shape it!

If man can discover the path of Venus by just observations, we need to salute the human intelligence. 8 years is really long, and to tell it precisely is very challenging. If those nights can lead to these wonderful discoveries, than why are we least bothered about our nature, ignorant about the changes around us, and portray night out as one that was meant to booze and smoke up!

Night outs are best if you are in a mood of introspection. Surrounding is calm. Zero noise. Climate cooling down. And no college/office to go the next day. You are bound to feel happy. Problem with the modern age is that we have all the time for world and not for ourselves! Our worries keep multiplying and instead of addressing it, we keep building on it, we switch on to our “Adjust Kar lo yaar” attitude!

Starry night over the rhône
Starry Night Over The Rhône

Numerous night outs that I have had have given me different perspective every time. The ones in the beach are still fresh in my mind. Those waves under the moon light have inspired my poems. Twinkling of the stars has light up my writings. Midnight Chai’s have added flavors to my taste buds. Early morning snacks have redefined hunger for me. That watchful drive in the streets of crazy dogs has tossed my heart out frequently. Yes, every night out was an experience, is an experience and hopefully, will be an experience!

One point I have missed to mention, yeah, I learnt to observe, I started seeing the transformation, from dark to light, from void to knowledge!

In V8, I really didn’t have a story to tell, but I had a message to give. Learning and exploring oneself is the hardest thing to do, and a night out makes it easy for you. This is not the only means, but for surely, one of the many. Happy exploring!

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  1. The memories of the nights i spent awake in the labour room with my co-interns during my MBBS days are probably the most lasting ones in my mind. The fact that the world sleeps while you look after your patients, make you contemplate about your position in this creation, the world and the universe at large.

    Will they matter over time?

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