A Manipal focused SAT guide Fly High And Fly Far!

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IELTS, TOEFL and the SATs(interchangable with GREs situationally), the holy trifecta of exams for those aiming to get into US based colleges. On this sacred checklist of future diaspora the SATs stand out as the only test with a varied curriculum, this can make preparation a bit of intimidating endevour especially if you’ve lost touch with what you learnt in high school. However no need to fret it’s deceptively simple to get started, especially here in Manipal, here’s how-

Online resources

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As far as online, especially free online resources go nothing comes close to Khan Academy .They have a special SAT prep-work section on their website and it’s been continually endorsed by almost everyone who has every taken the exam. They advise you to start the course at least a month before the test so, while you’ll have access to questions and lessons dedicated to topics related to every section in the test you’ll also have ample time to properly digest and absorb all the information.

Additionally every question you get is formulated by looking at questions that were actually given in previous tests plus you’ll get detailed explanations behind the reasoning for every answer. So, it’s almost like a seamless classroom experience where you can just dial in and have everything you need at your disposal.
If you still hunger for more reassurance to give your test that extra seal of ease you need , SAT sample papers and question papers of previous years are all readily available on the net so, solving one a day on top of that to become even more familiar with the questions is another surefire and reliable way to prepare for the exams.

And if that wasn’t enough you get all of this completely free of charge, just visit their website and get started. It can’t come recommended enough.

Coaching Classes

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Not everyone specialises in teaching themselves and for some an actual classroom environment works much better. Well, if you’re one of those people and you’re in Manipal you’re in luck because the prestigious Manya Education has set up camp in Mangalore. They offer not only coaching in SAT’s but also every other exam you need to opt for in the event of seeking education in a foreign institution, but that’s not where their services end either as they also offer immigration aid and help you get into colleges as per your qualifications.
Just in case you’re a student and taking a trip to Mangalore on a weekly basis is too much for you, fret not as they offer the ability to take online classes as well. There’s other instituons here which are situated in Eshwar Nagar in case you wish to opt for other options but this one comes the most highly recommended of the bunch.

Why opt for SAT’s?

Whether you’re hoping to pursue a masters or simply initiating your higher education across the seas. Colleges need two things from you as the bare minimum, test scores in the format of the standardized tests of the region you’re applying to (the SAT’s in the case of the states) and certification that you are proficient in the national language of the region (english in this case).
While the SAT’s might not be strictly mandatory and you can move along just fine with your CBSE scores, taking the test and showing your grading offers that extra seal of quality that makes them REALLY look at your resume upping your chances dramatically for admission in an already fiercely competetive environment plus it saves you from a needlessly complicated conversion process and looking for extremely specific options that are open to you without SAT scores.

So, start prepping and Fly High! and Fly Far!

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