A girl at the fair – Ojaswini Srivastava


A girl at the fair - ojaswini srivastava 1

Her hair blew over her eyes

When I saw her standing besides

She bought a balloon and smiled so gladly

Hugged her father and played madly

She kept her clutch firm to it

She adorned its every bit

 On the see saw on the swing

She held it firm on everything

Not for a second did her smile fade

With that balloon her day was made

I saw her running here and there

This made me wonder of its flair

She bought candies she ate an ice cream

That gave her eyes a deep gleam

She showed it to her mother and laughed aloud

She flattered it to everyone in that crowd

I saw her moving between her parents

Shopping something from the tents

Suddenly they stooped and her eyes were calm

I saw her clinging to her father’s arm

He took a note from his pocket

Put it into a broken basket

That was helped by a young lad

In rugged clothes who was clad

This girl I saw looked at him

Asked her father about something

He took the note and went ahead

The girl followed to his shed

With a smile she gave her balloon

And a fistful of candies from her pantaloons

He took it with a broad smile

Same that she had before a while

This little angel at the fair

Taught me a great lesson in care …

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