9 Top Free Video Conferencing Apps You Can Use This New Normal

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When they are distant or working from home, video conferencing sessions will alter the way workers work. Even if you didn’t meet in public, face-to-face contact is vital. Your teams will work collectively or with partners and consumers, no matter where they are based, with a video conferencing service.

Fortunately, video conferencing applications have many nice, free solutions combined with moderately priced audiovisual items such as video conferencing equipment. An easy yet high-quality webcam is a must-have for remote colleagues to collaborate and provide a shared environment in multiple locations among colleagues.


If you’re a person who loves games and interactions with friends, this popular free video conferencing app is for you. Discord has built its reputation in the market, with two hundred fifty million users registered. It has since entered the mainstream with national and global networks catering to developers, hobbyists, and more, initially built to build communities between gamers.

Discord is a social tool when playing sports, which means that your computer will not slow down by using the software. So, when talking with like-minded individuals, you’ll get to love your games.

It allows video calls, talk, and email, with a common feel to Skype. To make locating people quickly, Discord even has search features. Gamers with the same desires will build their databases. They’re interested as to whether they create their own or enter already established ones.

Google hangouts

Google’s free video messaging software is a perfect example of economic-grade software that has been embraced in the world of commerce. The native connections for Google Hangouts are enjoyed by Google stores running from G-mail and Google calendars. It does not allow dual-stream video and material; some consumer concerns about low video quality and stability are equivalent to a plug-in.


Zoom’s free teleconferencing software supports Pared-down support for community video calls. With a handful of functionality such as screen swapping, local capture, breakout rooms, and video filters, the Zoom Simple plan enables users to provide forty-minute calls.

It is an easy sign-up process, including basic logging, 100-way calling support, applications for mac and pc. A downloadable program is required; simple plan contacts are limited to forty minutes or less, no interference or bandwidth management functionality is a need.


Jitsi is a range of free and open-source software, Windows, MAC, AndroidTM multi-platform audio, free video conferencing, and instant messaging apps. You can customize the program to your taste and even contribute to its development because Jitsi is open-sourced.

You may not need to register / login or email your data before accessing the service to configure the program. It has no opportunity to set up potential sessions; meeting only starts when anyone starts it, can be seen as amateurish.


The Amazon-owned Twitch is the go-to site to stream their video game experiences and other projects to the internet for live streamers. Twitch is a free utility that, at frequent intervals, incorporates advertisements into its streams. Your subscription provides access to Twitch Prime, a luxury platform that grants expanded broadcast space for live streamers when you’re an Amazon Prime user.

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It is one of the most common subscription platforms for subscribers and casters, with many user-friendly choices. But some people say that this is for unprofessional because it’s primarily a live-stream gaming operation. The free service also requires advertisements, and broadcasting is confined to PCs and devices.


For sales companies that mainly require a strategy for consumer meetings, Join.me is a valuable video conference platform. The free service provides screen sharing for up to ten users via Voice-over – IP (VoIP) calling. A simple-to-use, each-click screen sharing feature convenient for promotional presentations is also included with the free membership.

Simple to use and provides generous, quick screen sharing, including VoIP calling. Ten participants are the limit when you use a free account. A paying subscription is required for Advanced Functionality.


Microsoft’s communication suite is split between customer-grade and business-grade software. Accessing the Microsoft Skype application offers users access to ten-way calls and a directory filled by specific customers for free video conferencing. Microsoft Teams should be bundled along with an Office365 authorization to go up into the company.

The commonly associated user interface for those using Skype to communicate with family members is usable for up to ten-way calls and collaboration with premium video conferencing providers. It needs a free program, which you can use for premium subscription as amateurish.


For almost two decades, Lifesize has always been in the video conferencing market and has consistently pushed the standard for consistency and convenience of use. You can start a free video call with up to ten respondents with no downloads or installations needed by setting up an account with Lifesize.

Navigate to the site on signup.lifesize.com, type your name and email address, and pick a password. Visitors can access the live call by tapping on your meeting identification card directly from their laptops or web browsers.

Unlimited meeting length, built-in screen exchange, video in high definition quality, stability, and enterprise-level protection by default, run on every operating system and allow live streaming. It is a must free video conferencing app for you.


Remote HQ may not be the market’s most common video conferencing software or tool nowadays. But RemoteHQ deserves to be one of the top Zoom equivalents to offer accessibility, intuitive, and secure virtual workspace. This video conferencing software aims to deliver the latest for its customers with the cutting-edge technology and collaboration tools built into Remote HQ.

App objects, data from apps running in your space, HQ, are its main components. This application entails a console to accommodate meetings, monitor entry, and so much more. You can also customize multiple applications in a single workspace and use the convergence of web-based software you often use.


The pandemic of 2020 has forced people globally to work from home; these free video conference applications will help you with your meetings and interactions online with friends.

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