8 Superb Cricket Betting Tips To Ensure A Win At Online Bookmakers

cricket betting

There are a ton of cricket betting tips out there, but most are only applicable to offline bookmakers. A few tips may apply to offline and online bookmakers like https://topcricketbetting.in/sportsbook/10cric/, but these would be the exception rather than the rule.

#1 Don’t Bet On The Same Opponents All The Time

The first tip for cricket betting is all about variety and not betting on opponents that have been an easy match more than once to create a winning streak.

It is always possible that more than one online bookmaker might choose to cover the same cricket match. If this happens, then a player could end up betting on the same team and the same game repeatedly. While it is always a possibility that a player could have a lucky streak with no rhyme or reason, the odds are that they will lose their profit quickly as their luck runs out.

You can avoid this type of situation by making sure that you choose a different cricket match each time you place a bet. Don’t be afraid to try out other cricket teams, especially if you have only put a small bet on one of these teams before.

If you are unsure whether your new team would be a good bet, it would be best to wait until they play against the one you know well. Then, you can see whether you would have made a mistake by betting on them before in cricket betting.

#2 Don’t Bet On The Same Team More Than Once Per Day

Another thing to consider is that the bookmakers will only take individual bets. Therefore, if a player wants to bet on one team and then try to bet on them again the following day, this will be rejected. Another point that people often overlook is that the bookmakers do not take live bets over the phone or via emails.

This means that if a player tries to place two bets on the same team over the course of the day, they will not be allowed to. If any of these two bets are successful, the player would only receive their winnings from the first bet. Then, the second one would be canceled.

If you want to bet on a team for two matches or more in a row, it would be best to wait until they have finished playing all of their games before making another bet.

#3 There Are Different Odds For Different Sports Betting Markets

People do not realize when they are wagering with cricket betting on offline cricket matches because there are different odds for different cricket betting markets. If there are a number of simultaneous matches, you will see a different line for each game.

If this is the case, it would be best to wait until later, when more information has been released about the matches, before placing bets on them. This allows for a better chance of picking out which match will be the winning one.

#4 Don’t Bet On Your Own Team More Than Once Per Day

If you are unsure which team to bet on, then it would be best to wait until one of them plays another team you know well. If you do this, then it will increase the chances of you picking out a winning bet. You will have more information about this team’s abilities, and you will know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

#5 Don’t Bet On The Same Team More Than Once Per Day

Another point to consider is that the bookmakers only take individual bets. This means that if you want to place multiple bets over one team, this will be rejected until you have placed bets on other teams. As this can be tedious, it would be best to avoid placing bets on your team.

This tip also applies to people gambling with cricket betting on the same team more than once per day. It would be better to wait until they have played a match against another team you know well before placing multiple bets. This will increase the chances of picking out a winning bet as you will have more information about them.

#6 Only Bet On Games That Have A Possibility Of Winning

If you are new to cricket betting, it would be best to only bet on games with a high possibility of winning. These are usually the matches that are being played in a very low league. These games will still get more attention as they will benefit from more bets placed on them. However, it is unlikely that they will win. If this is the case, your winnings would still be large as you would have placed the bet at a low stake.

#7 There Are Many Different Types Of Cricket Bets

Another thing to consider is that there are many different types of cricket bets. Some involve over double the odds, which can be a better bet for those who do not want to take chances. Even as people get more accustomed to cricket betting, it would be best to only place bets on games that you know for sure will win.

#8 Don’t Bet On Games That Have A Very Low Chance Of Winning

If you want to bet on cricket matches, you should avoid ones with very low chances of winning. These will likely be higher stake matches, and it can be disappointing if they do not work out. It would also be best to stick to lower stakes to avoid losing money.


Just like any other sport, cricket betting is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. There are many different factors that can affect the outcome of a cricket match. However, it is still possible to make money online in this game. If you take these tips to heart, you will be able to place a bet on the best possible games and still get your winnings.


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