7 Tips to Healthy Eating for the Post Sessional Holidays


First, focus on people, not food. Show interest and make friends. Second, plan before you eat at a party.
Check out the food choices offered and sample the food in small amounts to avoid eating too much.7 tips to healthy eating for the post sessional holidays 1

1.  Eat an apple so you don’t go to parties with an empty stomach. An empty stomach makes you crave for the stuff available at parties and you end up gorging on food.
2. Use a small plate. Studies have shown that the smaller the plate, the less you end up serving yourself.
3.  Drink water instead of soda. Soda makes you secrete more gastric juices and leads to more food intake. Water although leads to a sense of fullness and aids in digestion.
4. Eat less fried food.
5. Chew slowly. Enjoy the taste of your meal. Converse with a fellow party goer and stimulate your mind as well!
6. Choose fruits and vegetables more often. The more the better.
7. Share your part or take leftovers home.

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  1. dude seriously who gives the heck what they eat before , during or after the sessionals 😛

    •  Hello Deepankar,

      May be you are metabolically well endowed. For those among us, who stress out during the exams, the post-exam break leads to total freedom and we have all sorts of food without thinking about our calorie intake.

      This article is for those boys and girls.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my post.

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