7 Things people say to a Patient in the Hospital

Things people do when they are visiting a recovering patient in a hospital (strictly based on personal experiences)

1. Wake up the sleeping patient and say “Oh! I am so sorry! Were you sleeping?”

2. “Why didn’t you take him to *^£…¥^%”  hospital or *%¥**^ hospital?”

3. “I am also having fever since few days, and cough and cold. I think I also need to go see a cardiologist. ” Patients ospital visitors

4. Somehow manage to turn around the discussion from the well being of the patient to fixing marriage alliances for their family.

5. Probe the son about his career and try to fix a marriage alliance for him.

6. Advise the patient about various kinds of their unique diets till he gets vexed and stops eating.

7. And finally before they leave after eternity, they say “Do not let people visit him more often. They talk a lot.”

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