6 Reasons to travel Telangana

Avid travelers do not need a reason to visit and explore different places, but if you are a beginner at travelling and want to explore a different state, then you should read this.

Telangana is a newly christened state of the country. The region was a part of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana consists of 10 districts. Most of the locals speak Telugu in the state. If you like historic monuments and temples, then this is one place you cannot miss. Apart from that, some of the most interesting cities to visit in Telangana are: –

  1. Hyderabad: – CharminarThis is the largest city in Telangana and is the capital of the state. Hyderabad is also still considered to be the capital of Andhra Pradesh. Though Vijayawada is the new capital of AP, some people still refer to Hyderabad as the capital of both these states. Well, the city is a home to the South Film Industry, which is known as Tollywood. You can also enjoy your time at the well-known studios, monuments, marketplaces and do not forget to taste the delicious Hyderabadi food.
  2. Warangal: – WarangalThis is yet another large city of Telangana and has a number of ancient temples and historic monuments to see. When you are at Warangal, you must see the Pakhal Lake. The thousand pillar temple is one sight you cannot miss. The beautiful architecture will leave you astonished.
  3. Nizamabad: – NizamabadSituated in the River Godavari, this major city of Telangana is beautiful. It is famous for not only historic buildings and temples but also for the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, visit the Nizamabad Fort while you are at the city.
  4. Karimnagar: – karminagarThis city is located very close to the Godavari River and is famous for all the historic forts. You shouldn’t miss out on the Elgandal Fort and few other pilgrims in Karimnagar. This is the 4th most populated place in Telangana.
  5. Adilabad: – AdilabadThis is yet another large city in Telangana and it is popular for the handicrafts. You can enjoy the wildlife by visiting the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. You will see many different wildlife species like panthers, tigers, crocodiles and so on. If you are not a fan of the wild, then have a peaceful time sitting at the gorgeous parks or have a fun time at the waterfalls.
  6. Khammam: –khammam The name of this city comes from the name of hills in this area. This city is rich in coal minerals and is known as the Coal town of South India. Khammam is well-known for the lakes, forts, temples it has.

Though Telangana isn’t an old state, it will soon turn into a favoured tourist destination. The rich culture and heritage make it beautiful and worth visiting. Travel Telangana by trains to explore different cities and make sure the delivery of food in trains is on time. So book the food with your tickets in advance online.

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