6 Greatest Golfers of All Time

ranking greatest golfers of all time

Since its invention, the game of golf has been graced by great athletes who redefined the game and amassed many accolades, thus setting new records. However, with every player that put their clubs to rest, a fresh breed came into play and established new records, thus keeping the game alive. And they love investing in a high-quality golf stand bag because it motivates every player to play.

In this article, we rank the six greatest golfers of all time based on various parameters we selected to sift among the ton of greats the game has witnessed. Among the parameters are the player’s records and the events they completed during their career.

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Tiger Woods – greatest golfer of all time?

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Having shot to stardom in 1997 by becoming the youngest player at 21 and the first African-American to win the US Masters, Tiger Woods has won the hearts of many golf lovers and conquered numerous golf courses. Owing to his success, the tiger has established a reputation in the golfing realm and earned a spot among the most famous athletes of all time.

Since starting his career, Woods has won 82 PGA tour events, 5 U.S master victories, three British Opens, four US PGA championships, and three tour championships, thus making it into the club of five golfers that have won all five grand slam events. After a lag mid-way through his career, the tiger regained his form and proved his maestro by tying the 54-year-old record held by “Slammin Sam” with 82 PGA tour wins.

Sam Snead

Sam Snead ranks among the most celebrated golf players ever graced the sport. Owing to his natural swing that amassed tons of victories in golf tournaments, the player earned a spot in the hearts of his fans and earned himself the nickname “Slamming Sam.”

In addition to grasping the optimal approach to striking the ball, Snead became a maestro at conquering golf courses, thus rising through the ranks and conquering the greats his time had to offer.

With 82 PGA tour wins, 3 U.S. Masters wins, 1 British Open win, and 3 US PGA tour wins, the only item that limits him from ranking as the best golf player of all time is the U.S. Open, whose trophies eluded Snead’s grasp.

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus, often called the Golden Bear, ranks among the few golfing pros who bagged all five grand slam events. Besides his genius at conquering golf courses worldwide, Jack outshone the big names in the world of golf at the peak of their careers, thus cementing his name among the greats.

Having won all four grand slam events, the golden bear finalized his score in 1966 when he bagged his first British Open victory. Overall, the golden bear won seventy-three PGA tours, six masters, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens, and five USA PGA tours, a feat that few golfers managed to challenge.

Arnold Palmer

Besides his charismatic personality, Palmer showed a skill level that few of his counterparts could rival. Arnold bagged sixty-two PGA tour wins in his career, four master’s wins, two British Open wins, and one U.S. Open win.

Having made a reputation at the Masters, Arnold redefined the tournament, thus shaping it up to what it is today. However, the king displayed prowess in the 1960 U.S. Open tour with a historic final round of 65.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan ranks at the top of the list of shotmakers in golf. Testament of his prowess, Hogan also ranks among the few greatest golfers to have won all grand slam events despite the challenges life threw his way.

Throughout his career, Ben Hogan bagged sixty-four PGA tour wins, two masters, four U.S. Open tours, one British Open, and two US PGA tour wins.

Walter Hagen

Having starred in the early nineties, Hagen is among the players who gave life to golf and the golfers with the most significant championships. With 45 PGA tour wins, 2 U.S. Open wins, 4 British Open wins, and 5 US PGA wins, Walter is a must-have on the list of greatest golfers ever.

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