6 Best Gym Triceps Exercises: Features, Proper Form and Technique

For each muscle group, dozens of different exercises can ensure quality pumping and muscle development. Nevertheless, many visitors to gyms focus only on some of the most popular exercises, depriving themselves of the lion’s share of opportunities.

To forget about the lack of growth, stagnation, or routine in training, we will consider all the triceps exercises in the gym, which must be included in your program. This is guaranteed to affect muscle growth and stable progression over many years.

Features of tricep workout in the gym

It’s no secret that many athletes, especially beginners, always give priority to biceps. In their opinion, this is what will make it possible to get big hands that you can be proud of and even brag about. Any experienced athlete and extensor trainer will always tell you that this is an erroneous stereotype, and if you want to achieve real results, triceps training should be a priority.

Moreover, this is important for functionality, since the triceps muscle of the shoulder is involved in everyday life much more often. It is worth noting that this is one of the most important muscles for those who engage in any kind of martial arts since it is the triceps that will determine the speed and strength of the blow.

Simply put, there are two types of athletes, those who stand and “hammer” the muscle to no avail in the block simulator, and those who competently combine isolating movements with basic ones; another important point is the type of load on the triceps. Even though in all exercises, the arms will bend and unbend, it is important to consider their position. For example, to load the inner head, you need to perform activities in which the arm and elbow are raised up. A good example is the French standing dumbbell bench press.

Therefore, it is important to plan your training program and study the triceps in such a way as to avoid situations where the entire load will go to about one bunch. All this will lead to is an imbalance and a slowdown in progression in the future when weaknesses begin to appear.

How to include triceps brachii exercises in your training plan

Even the best triceps exercises will not bring much benefit if the training program is not drawn up correctly; therefore, to receive dividends from your work in the gym in the form of large hands, you need to pay close attention to this aspect. Optionally perform 2-3 basic exercises and no more than 3 isolation ones to work out every area of the triceps.

Sometimes you can insert more exercises into your workout using supersets and other tricks. They will help to avoid muscle addiction to the load, but only with proper use (that is, do not do at each workout and use different exercises in the series). Otherwise, the triceps muscle of the shoulder is not necessary to pump on a separate training day. There are three main types of triceps training, among which you can choose one (or all three, alternating them in 1-2 monthly cycles):

  • Triceps/biceps are an effective combination when the arms are trained on the same day. Based on the principle of elaboration of antagonist’s muscles;
  • Back/triceps – most traction movements load the biceps, after which you can well load the “fresh” triceps without fear of overtraining the muscle;
  • Chest/Triceps – The ligament is based on the principle of stress consolidation, when the press is first performed, where the triceps are already well loaded. After this, it remains only to “finish off” the muscle group. The beauty of such a bunch is that it is not necessary to do a lot of exercises, 1-2 basic and 1-2 isolating exercises are enough.

Each option is effective because no matter what scheme you choose, muscle growth will not cause standstill.

It is only important to remember that effective exercises are one side of the coin. On the other side is food and relaxation, which are often even more important than physical work.

Basic exercises to target tricep muscle in the gym

Let’s start with the basic triceps exercises for men who are best able to develop the overall strength and weight of the triceps. Of course, they are also great for girls, but in the fitness industry, a stereotype has been created that only men should swing their hands with heavyweights. This is true in relation to such movements as the bench press with a narrow grip, but it is completely irrelevant to such general exercises as push-ups, parallel bars, etc. There are four main basic exercises for this muscle group:

  • Push-ups with a close grip;
  • Dips from the bench;
  • Bench press with a close grip;
  • Dips to target triceps.

In the best-case scenario, the average gym-goer will do only two exercises from this arsenal, although most often it comes down to one thing – the barbell press. In the community of bodybuilders, it is generally accepted that working with the bar is prestigious. Of course, this is an imposed and rather a ridiculous stereotype that deprives many beginners of the most effective and functional exercises. Briefly consider the technique and features of each exercise.

Close-grip pushups to target triceps muscle

To make push-ups simply suicidal for triceps, as in the bench press, you need to narrow the grip. It is best to use the principle of the triangle when the thumb and forefinger are connected on the floor. But if this position causes discomfort, you can turn your palms parallel to each other with a distance of about 10 cm between them.

Remember that, as in ordinary exercises, the amplitude of movement is very important, so try to lower yourself as low as possible to the floor. Of course, the back should be flat, as in regular push-ups.

Bench dips for chest and tricep workout: features, proper form

Just an incredible exercise for the triceps, which is often underestimated due to its simplicity. To perform ,it is necessary:

  • Take emphasis on outstretched arms on one edge of the bench, place your legs on the other bench, which is parallel (both should be the same height);
  • Slowly lower the pelvis down, bending the arm at the elbows until a right angle forms between the biceps and forearm. Dropping below is ineffective and traumatic;
  • Take a short pause and return to the starting position.

Also, remember that at the top point ,you need to keep a slight bend in the elbow.tricep exercises


Close grip tricep press: proper form and technique

A simple but effective movement. It is considered the most popular exercise in the gym for triceps. It is important to remember that the hands should be approximately 9-12 cm apart, and the bar should be lowered to the bottom of the chest.

Dips to target tricep muscles: features and technique

Bars are an incredible basic exercise, which is one of the best for two muscle groups at the same time – chest and triceps. If you feed the body forward while doing push-ups, then this is an option for loading the chest. To emphasize triceps, the body should be perpendicular to the floor. Also, try to fall as low as possible or to a level where the upper part of the arm is parallel to the floor.

Triceps Isolation Exercise to Target All Tricep Heads

Any effective set of exercises should include isolating movements on the triceps, but as secondary, and not basic. This is an ideal way to “finish” the muscles with a high-quality and targeted load on each bundle. Consider what exercises will help you with this task in the gym.

French bench press: features, proper form, variations

In this category, not one, but as many as 5-7 exercises. Simply put, this name refers to a series of movements in which the arm extends. Exercises are performed in different positions: sitting, standing, and even lying down. The following French bench press options are mainly popular in gyms:

  • E – Z press (or bench press lying to the forehead);
  • Bench press;
  • Extension of arms with a dumbbell or barbell;

All these are variations of the French bench press. It is optimal to carry out one exercise with a barbell (E – Z or a regular bar) during training, as well as one with dumbbells. The classic version of the simulator is inferior in efficiency to working with free weights. The only benefit may be when performing the French bench press with a rope handle because of the “flexible” load and the ability to adjust the grip during the exercise.

In general, in any variation of the French press, it is important to remember the five main rules:

  • Full amplitude;
  • Hands should move along the body, that is, you can not put your elbows to the sides;
  • Progression of the load (each subsequent approach should be more difficult than the previous one in the framework of one training);
  • If you perform standing movements, you need to be able to turn off your back and other muscles from work. For beginners who have not yet learned to concentrate on a working muscle, it is better to do French bench presses while sitting or lying down;
  • No inertia, jerking, or fast pace. All movements are done at a moderate and slow pace, with a pause at the peak point.

Tricep kickbacks: features, proper form

Previously, this exercise was underestimated, but the example of Rich Piana managed to make it popular again. The exercise loads well triceps and is a good choice to complete your workout. When performing, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • Exercise is done at a slow pace. Initially, the arm is retracted to full extension at the elbow, after which a pause is made for 1 or even 2 seconds;
  • After a pause, you need to at the same pace to return the dumbbell to its original position.

It is important to remember that the body must be securely fixed, only one hand moves due to extension in the elbow joint.


If you are doing everything correctly and don’t ignore triceps while training your arms, you will quickly notice the results. The hands will become much more powerful, and the volume of the biceps (which increases very much due to the triceps muscle of the shoulder) will please with new centimeters.

Nevertheless, the key to getting all the benefits of triceps exercises will be the correct technique, which will determine the speed of your progression. We also offer you to read some downsizefitness.com reviews if you decided to use sports supplements during your workouts.

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