5 Ways to Make Your Hair Roots Strong!

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In the last decade or so, among other increasing health problems, deterioration in the condition of our hair roots has become an issue all of us have faced or are still facing. Our tresses that once used to be effortlessly strong, healthy, bouncy, lustrous, and shiny have now started to fall out in chunks, become dry, frizzy, and look lifeless.

And when the numerous chemical hair care products we try to fail to cease the hair fall and thinning, all we want to do is find the root cause and treat it to make it stop. Here’s what professionals have to say about making your hair roots strong! hair roots woman looking down

According to studies, trichologists, and dermatologists, damage caused to the follicles and roots of our hair strands due to several factors is the main reason for hair loss. The factors can be anything from our polluted environment, changing lifestyles, the increase in the consumption of greasy foods, the absence of nutritional items from our diet, to the almost non-existent exercise.

So, on your journey to achieving your luscious locks back, the first thing you will have to figure out is how to make hair roots strong:

Scalp care

The secret to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. More often than not, while lathering product after product on the tips of our locks, we forget to take proper care of your scalp. A dirty, greasy and itchy scalp will lead to a lot of scratching, which in turn will lead to your roots weakening. To avoid this cycle, make sure to prevent dirt, grime, and grease build-up and also don’t let it get too dry.

Yoga for stress

Stress, low sleep quality and time, and the resultant hormonal imbalance are some of the major causes of telogen effluvium- a condition where the follicles are pushed into the resting phase and eventually fall out. The newer hair growth will then be progressively sparse if your stress levels are not kept in check. Regularly practicing Pranayama and yoga asanas meant to calm the mind and relieve anxiety is the way to go.

Switch to herbal products

One of the main reasons why most of the products fail to make a difference is the copious amounts of chemicals present in them and their side effects. Make the switch to organic, herbal products, and you will surely know how to make hair roots strong. 

Choose hairstyles wisely

In today’s fast-paced lives, choosing the right, comfortable hairstyle early in the morning while we’re already running late is the least of our concerns. We make a pulled, messy and tight top knot, and off we go. However, according to professionals, braids and loose ponytails will prevent your roots from stretching and loosening and keep the excessive hair loss at bay.

Proper nutritional intake

Lastly, the most important tip on how to make hair roots strong is that a balanced and healthy diet will help more than any other remedies and products will. Increase the intake of foods rich in biotin, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and also proteins, Iron and Zinc. Milk, eggs, avocados, nuts, meat, citrus fruits, and greens like spinach are considered superfoods where hair health is concerned

Choose the best herbal products for your hair, maintain a suitable hair care routine, take nutrient-rich meals, and the results that will reflect in your hair health will answer the ever-present ‘how to make hair roots strong’ question!

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