5 Useful Sites for Students who are tired of Wikipedia for Research

For those tired of Wikipedia

1. RefDesk.com–  This award-winning site is a great place to find and check facts. RefDesk has an enormous collection of reference materials, searchable databases and other great resources that can’t be found anywhere else.

2. InternetPublicLibrary.com– The Internet Public Library is an online reference service that offers everything from free dictionaries and encyclopedias to books, magazines and newspapers.

5 useful sites for students who are tired of wikipedia for research 1
For Those Tired Of Wikipedia

3. Encylcopedia.com– If you need an online encyclopedia that allows you to cite reputable sources, this is a great place to look. Encyclopedia.com pulls search results from more than 100 reputable encyclopedias and dictionaries, including sources like the Oxford
University Press.

4. ChaCha.com – ChaCha isn’t exactly a citable source, but it’s a fantastic starting point for research. This human-powered search engine has more than 15,000 guides who are dedicated to answering any question you might have.

Chach.com closed down in 2016.

5. FactMonster.com  For younger students who are not quite ready to navigate Refdesk, Fact Monster from Information Please is the tool to use. The Reference Desk on this site features a layout that is designed for easy fact-finding and includes timelines and an almanac, atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia, as well as a Homework Center. Students can also search by visually identified topics or by typing in keywords.

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