5 Unexpected Reasons Why English Translation Services are so popular

english translation services

As the third most spoken language in the world, one may wonder why we still need English translation services. For one, native speakers make up about 330 million people. Not to forget the significant and ever-growing number of those who speak English as a second language.

Why is English translation service still in demand, in this day and age, then? You may ask. When you combine the number of native speakers and those for whom English is a second language; then, it’s safe to assume that this is the most spoken language.

Below are some of the reasons why there’s a high demand for translation services online, especially in English:

  1. Not everyone speaks English

Many of us need a reminder of that. Also, when a person can speak a few words in English, it doesn’t imply that they can tackle every situation. Simply put, there’s a difference between effective communication and having a normal conversation.

Also, in English-speaking nations, not all people can speak it properly. Take Europe for instance. It is synonymous with the British Empire, and many of us assume that English is widely spoken in the region.

However, in 2012, a survey by the European Commission showed that about a quarter of the population didn’t grasp English well enough. Thus, making it difficult for them to follow news in English.

  1. Most People prefer their native language

If you travel to a nation where English is the second language of most of the population, you will notice this. Research also shows that people prefer to buy goods in their native language. After all, it is easier to haggle in your native language and not one that you may have little understanding of.

It also makes it easier for the consumer to understand the benefits or limitations of the product or service. In light of this, many marketers are adding localization strategies to their marketing plans.

You should also remember, that second language English speakers are who make English top the list of the most spoken language, in the world. Otherwise, it would only take third place.

  1. Other languages are growing in importance

Gone are the days when English was the commonly used language on the internet. As countries improve their economy and claim their piece of the global economy, so does the emergence of other languages.

That is many other languages are growing in importance, and it’s not enough to speak English. So, don’t frown upon Latin to English sentence translations. There’s a need for that and many more in other languages.

Also, in the online world, many people prefer to use their first language for communication. Moreover, many more people have access to the internet.

  1. Connects the Global Economy

With everyone speaking their first language within their borders, there’s a need for a common language to propel the global economy. Besides, for a long time, English has been the primary language for global business. A company in the US can partner and communicate with its Chinese counterparts.

It, however, doesn’t eliminate the fact that each of the businesses, needs to understand both languages. Also, the global economy allows businesses to enjoy increased revenue and tap into new markets. So, even small businesses are expanding their horizons.

Therefore, translation services act as a medium for effective communication between people who speak different languages.

  1. Make information and Ideas accessible to all

Nowadays organizations can access talent from every corner of the world. The sports industry is a good indicator of this. With a common language shared amongst people, so, is there an avenue for sharing ideas and information.

However, without this, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with each other. It would result in tension due to the lack of understanding. And, that’s not a world anyone would like to live in, or is it?

Therefore, as long as English is the language spoken by most people; there will be a need for English translation services.


Keep in mind though that many other languages are rising in importance. Mandarin and Spanish are some of the languages to watch out for, or better yet, start learning. These emerging languages are giving English a run for the first position.

So, even as you strive to improve your comprehension of the English language, also pay attention to these. Doing this makes you better prepared for the global economy. Also, learning a new language is useful for exercising your brain, among many other benefits.


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