5 Tips to Eating Healthy in 2019

According to research, the average weight you can put on over the holidays is a pound or two. However, it can take months to shed it off. This means you need to start thinking about healthy eating each time the holidays draw to a close. However, returning to a healthy diet is never easy.

If you’re going to set unrealistic goals and try to make wholesale changes, it can be overwhelming and may leave you dissatisfied. It could also mark you as a failure. That’s why you need a more realistic approach. You just need to do some minor tweaks that aren’t daunting to ensure a healthier life.

  1. Some Foods You Like Are Healthy

According to a 2016 Baylor University study, people with less self-control can still eat healthy without forcing themselves to take what they hate. Healthy-eating success comes when you choose yummy healthy foods such as fresh berries. This can keep you from desiring unhealthy delicacies such as cookies.

  1. Choose Slow Food

Are you among those who are opting for fast food options because of the feeling that there’s not enough time to prepare healthy meals? Then you need to reconsider your choices since they might be causing harm to your body. Slow down and dedicate yourself to taking in fresher local food.

Become part of the slowfood nation to reap a bunch of benefits. Seasonal food is tastier, more nutritious, and less costly. It’s also safer for you and the environment since it is free from chemicals and preservatives. Overall, seasonal foods go a long way in improving your health.

  1. Drink More Water

Instead of drinking sugary drinks such as soda, replace them daily with a glass of water. This action can significantly reduce your calorie intake and lower the risk of developing obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Similarly, fruit juices contain lots of sugar. Limiting their intake could improve your health.

  1. Eat Vegetables First

Veggies cannot compete successfully against more appealing food items on your plate. If you’re serving vegetables together with other foods, you are likely to eat less of them. To solve this issue, prepare a salad and feast on it first before you set any other type of food on your table. This helps in taking in more veggies and eating less during the main meal.

  1. Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals is a very important step towards a healthier life. It helps in several ways. First, it limits the number of decisions you should make when hungry. Poor eating choices come from selecting what to eat as soon as your stomach begins grumbling. After doing it, you’ll find yourself regretting doing that.

Planning ahead helps you to make your healthy foods ready. This way, you’d not resort to chewing whatever is readily available or get into the temptation of purchasing unhealthy meals. Instead, you’d eat what you want so you won’t bother yourself with the wrong options.


Instead of attempting to make great changes in accomplishing healthy eating, it’s better to make some minor tweaks to your normal habits. Some of the easiest things to do is drinking more water as opposed to sugary drinks and planning your meals. Also, choose slow foods and eat the healthy foods that you like.

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