5 Tips From Harry Potter Books to Stay on top this exam season!

ManipalWith the End Semester and University examinations fast approaching, Manipal is in a state of Virtual Siege. ManipalBlog Gives 5 Tips from the Harry Potter series of Books that might help you stay cool, calm, focused and on top this exam season.

1. Stay calm

This is easier said then done. Getting worried is natural but don’t let your worries get out of control. Remember how Professor Lupin, helped his students and especially Harry Potter overcome their worst fears using the Boggart? Try writing down what scares you on a piece of paper, then scrunch up the page and chuck it away! Always try to picture happy things – NOT scary stuff.

2. Take deep breaths

Remember how Hermione always did before getting into any adventure?  If you feel very tense, then you are probably not breathing properly. Try taking 10 big, deep breaths and you will feel more relaxed.

3. Have a break

Even Harry and his friends did this before moving on to their next adventure. It is important to take lots of breaks when you are doing a lot of studying. If you have a snack, then try to make it a healthy one. Sleep is important too – so no late nights.

4. Try to relax
A calm and collected Hermione or a tense and worried Neville, you decide! When you are talking to your friends about exams, don’t let them wind you up… And don’t wind them up, either! Remember you can always talk to an adult about how your revising is going and how you are feeling.

5. Don’t panic

As Ronald Weasly in the Harry Potter books used to say “Tests might seem like the most important thing in the world, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get full marks.”

Oh well, he did not actually say that, but we had to make up five points didn’t we?

Do you have any points to share with our nervous exam goers? Please leave them in the comments section, Thank you for reading!

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  1. Bunk the exam if you aren't prepared sufficiently … a fever is easier to explain than a 2/20

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