Love…Even if You are not Loved in Return!

We all have heard this story a zillion times that love is pain. Love only hurts and blah! blah! Be it books, movies or songs; everything just speaks about heart break. A guy crying over a girl who does not even know if he exists or a girl crying for her crush who is in love with some other chick. Why the hell has everybody made love so complicated? Love doesn’t give pain. Expectations in love give pain. One is never afraid of conveying his or her love, they are afraid of being rejected. Why is it so important that a person you love should love you back? Why can’t we still feel for a person if there is nothing in return? There are a very few Romeos and Juliets or Heer-Raanjhanas out there. In most cases it’s a love triangle or even worse- A linear line.

70% of guys and girls are scared to confess because they feel their dream girl or guy is out of their league and the remaining are scared b’coz they might already have someone in their life. But why should it affect us anyway? To love is your choice, being loved back is your destiny, your luck.

Friends! Don’t hesitate to confess, don’t be scared to open your heart to a person who actually resides in it. Between thoughts and expressions lies a lifetime. It’s okay even if luck doesn’t favor you this time. It’s okay if you were let down, there is always another hotter girl, another dashing guy destined to be yours somewhere in this world. It’s better to be rejected than to hold a regret.

Let me share an incident with you all.

Few days back I was talking to one of my senior and got to know about the true power of love, that’s how love sees no age. When she was posted in the Department of Prosthodontics, a 65 year old man was in a hurry for his dentures. He wanted his dentures as fast as possible. The reason being that he had his wedding next week. Bewildered, when she couldn’t control her curiosity anymore, piling up all the guts she asked the gentleman what made him marry at this age. The man smiled and replied that he was very alone and to pass his time usually went to the park in the evening. Two benches away from him sat a lady who used to come every day for fresh air. Slowly they started talking and became friends. Slowly it became more of habit for him to see her everyday. Some where he understood he  had started liking her and had a soft corner for her, but call the constraints of our society or moral boundaries, he wascute-old-cuoples-6 hesitant to convey his feelings. But after months of thinking and gathering up all his courage, he finally confessed about his love.Then he got to know that even she felt the same for him. She was leading her life alone and an hour in the park everyday was the only time she smiled. And the remaining part we already know. They might have got married at the age of 65 but the love and compassion was still young between them.

Love might frighten you. You may be afraid of rejection or hurt or betrayal but be brave enough to pluck a flower of love, affection and essence from the tree of life and see how its magic unwinds. No matter how many times you fall in love- once , twice or a zillion times, it’s always going to be new but if you stop searching after one rejection or one hurt or one betrayal, if you don’t hunt, you will not find your soul-mate. Remember, the moment we seek love, love starts to seek us!
So, young boys and girls! Take a chance, add a twist. Life is too short and it’s worth taking a risk. Go out there and open your heart, you never know your cupid might be very active right now!! All the beautiful girls, go for it, there might be a Shahjahan next door dying to build a Taj Mahal for you. And all the handsome guys, be a man and take a chance. So what if your dream girl is more like Angelina Jolie, there is always a Brad Pitt inside every guy. Go confess, dream, smile, love, and live!!

All the best amigos..!! 🙂

About the Author : Shakshi Ganeriwal is a  3rd year BDS student at MCODS, Mangalore.

Edited by: Ankita Singh & Vyom Agarwal





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