5 Questions with Vishnu Modur: Person of the Day!

If given a chance to change the world at least the world i know, I know as Indians we look at the young generation as an asset but we are really producing some arrogant kids i must say, they aren't any good for this country if all they wish to do is just enjoy the money their parents have made. So, if i have the power, I will make sure that a rich man's money and assets isn't simply inherited by his son. There needs to a criteria for sons of very rich parents to meet, to accomplish something in life on their own before they can stake their claim on their parents assets.

1. Vishnu Modur is . . .

Vishnu Modur is a keen and a silent observer of everything around him and but never falls short of expressing his opinions articulately when on the right platform and usually takes people by surprise when he does express himself. And, he also just realized that he loves to talk in third person’s point of view!

5 questions with vishnu modur: person of the day! 1
If Given A Chance To Change The World At Least The World I Know, I Know As Indians We Look At The Young Generation As An Asset But We Are Really Producing Some Arrogant Kids I Must Say, They Aren’T Any Good For This Country If All They Wish To Do Is Just Enjoy The Money Their Parents Have Made. So, If I Have The Power, I Will Make Sure That A Rich Man’S Money And Assets Isn’T Simply Inherited By His Son. There Needs To A Criteria For Sons Of Very Rich Parents To Meet, To Accomplish Something In Life On Their Own Before They Can Stake Their Claim On Their Parents Assets.

2. Manipal, the home I never wanted to leave – elaborate

Well, Manipal was a place that I chose to go from the then home Bangalore. I take decisions instinctively and choosing Manipal was no different. In Manipal I became a man from being just a boy! It always felt great to be in a campus town (small and yet had almost everything that one wants), to stay in a hostel (and yet be treated like a king—Dhobiwala to wash clothes, great cleaning staff and caretakers, an awesome TV room atmosphere, of course a great library and most definitely great curfew timings) , to bear with all the different roommates (I have had some great roomies and most of them are close friends till today both on and off Facebook!), to have great food (N?ga canteen in Nehru hostel can you beat that!!) and then go back to Bangalore once every six months and tell ones friends (who were living at home and studying their engineering in Bangalore) the hardships of living alone in a hostel and studying hard and getting those grades (which I did by the way!). All in all , it was just a wonderful experience and I love the localities of the Dakshina Kannada region, extremely generous and well-mannered people. A Manipal auto guy, returned my lost Moto-Razor which had fallen off, back to me. That day I knew that it will be really hard to let go of this place. Unfortunately I passed all my exams and had to graduate with a Masters. If not I would still be there going for a walk to End point in the morning, go to the library to chill in CCD and take all my photocopies from music world xerox store and get my recharge from Canara store and finally have my dinner in dollops and go watch a movie in dome! Actually, the question should have been how did I manage to settle back again in Bangalore!

3. How did you come across ManipalBlog?

I came across Manipalblog when I was just trying my best to connect back to Manipal after I graduated and was jobless. I found out via google and stuck with it to get the official Manipal updates on Facebook and lie to myself that I am still there….in Tiger Circle!

4. MLSC – What is the best thing about this college, what was the worst?

MLSC which stands for Manipal Life Sciences center offers the best Biotechnology coursework any university can offer in India. Apart from having a one year hardcore research project in Masters, in a company/ research institute anywhere in India or abroad and half year equally intensive research project in bachelors is the USP of the institute. We the student community of MLSC, who make up only a fraction of KMC or MIT have the vigor of the MITians and the fervor of KMC. We usually stand 6th or 7th in UTSAV which is a big deal if you do the math! The worst thing however, is that the auto rickshaw guys still do not recognize MLSC‘s name, they still call it Planetarium…Grrrrrr!

5. Your life changing event was?

My life changing event was when I landed in the United states to pursue my PhD in Cancer biology and realized that it was true. That, this land (U.S.A) is no doubt hyped to be the best in what they do but in actuality people here do work as hard as anyone. There simply isn’t any other way to create and sustain such a hype for so long. And on a lighter note, definitely, an Indian cannot feel lonely in any corner of the world! What SRK says to Lara Dutta about Indians in DON-2 isn’t that dramatic after all!

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