5 Money Beliefs That Stop You From Getting Rich

Five money beliefs that stop you from getting rich and how you can break them by Amey Hegde, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer, Goa.

I had written this a few months back, and it is based on material from the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T Harv Eker.

Most of us want to be rich. However, many of us have disempowering beliefs about money that make us feel that there is something wrong with being rich. Let us examine five commonly held disempowering beliefs that can prevent us from getting rich.

*Belief #1:* Having a lot of money will turn me into a bad human being.

*Break the Belief:* Having more money will not turn you into a bad human being! The money will only make you more of what you already are. Having more money only amplifies the qualities already present in you. If you are mean, the money will provide you with more opportunities to be meaner. If you’re kind and helpful, the money will give you more opportunities to be more kind and helpful.

*Belief #2:* To be rich, I will have to use people and take advantage of them.

*Break the Belief:* If you resent rich people and feel that they have become rich by cheating or taking advantage of others, you will not put in 100% effort to become rich since, at a subconscious level, we do not want to become like those who we resent. Search for stories of people who have become rich in an ethical manner, (for example Ethical Sellers) through determination, hard work and by adding massive value to others. I am sure you will be able to find hundreds of examples of people who have become rich by adding massive value to thousands and by solving big problems.

*Belief #3:* Selling and promoting is not good.

*Break the Belief:* You will not be able to reach out and positively impact thousands of people if you are not willing to let people know that you or your product exists. If you have a fantastic product or service but are hesitating to let others know about it, you are depriving them of getting the benefits of your wonderful product or service. So, stop thinking negatively about selling and promotion and gear up to promote the value of your products/services to others with passion and enthusiasm.

*Belief #4:* While working hard to get rich, I will have to let go of my health and relationships.

*Break the Belief:* If you make a firm decision that you want everything – wealth, health and relationships, with a little creativity, you will be able to figure out a way to have all three. Now onwards, when you face a situation where you have to choose between two, for example between working hard and having quality time with family members, ask yourself “How can I have both?” Asking this question will help you figure out a way to have balance in your life while you put in efforts towards getting rich.

*Belief #5:* I don’t need to manage and invest my money because I hardly have any.

*Break the Belief:* Don’t delay managing and investing your money. Whatever amount of money you have, begin managing and investing it from today itself. Start educating yourself on various investment options and learn to manage your money well. Once you start managing your current amount of money, it will increase your confidence and capability to manage and grow larger amounts of money.

Take immediate action to break down the above five disempowering beliefs and your capacity to earn, hold and multiply your money will start growing day by day!

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