5 Benefits to Using a Dual Flush Toilet

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Nowadays almost every home has a dual flush toilet. In fact, these modern toilets are slowly phasing out the conventional toilets. Manufacturers have even come up with components that are being used to transform conventional toilets into dual flush toilets. The toilet comes with tons of benefits that make it a worthy home investment.dual flush toilet

With such a toilet, your water bill will no longer give you a run for your money. This is because the toilet uses very little water to clean your toilet. And maybe that’s why authorities that regulate the construction industry are advocating for its installation in new and old homes. Below is a list of benefits that are experienced by those that use dual flush toilets.

  1. Economical

Anyone who has tried a conventional toilet before will tell you for free that they are a real pain in the neck. A single flush can consume up to 5 gallons of water. Now, assuming you have other people that live with you, your monthly bill can go over the roof considering that one person uses the toilet at least 5 times a day. Dual flush toilets on the other hand are very economical.

A volume of just 1.6 gallons is enough to clear the toilet. This amounts to a slashed monthly water bill. If you are still in doubt, you should view this post so that you can see why most homeowners prefer to use dual flush toilets.

  1. Prevents Wastage of Water

There is no point of using a toilet that consumes a lot of water when you just need less water to drain liquid waste. Using 5 gallons of water to flush the same stuff that can be eliminated by 1 gallon is wastage of the highest order. When you waste water in your home, you end up paying a high monthly bill.

In addition to that you might lack water for other domestic uses especially if you live in an area where the Municipal doesn’t pump water every day of the week.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Conventional toilets are not easy to maintain. This is because they use a mechanism that makes them vulnerable to clogging. When clogging happen more often, the parts that cause the flush mechanism to function need to be replaced due to tear and wear. And unless you are a DIY maniac, you will have to budget for the cost of such repairs.

Dual flush toilets actually require minimal maintenance because they rely on change in gravity inside the toilet tank to be able to drain solid and liquid waste.

  1. Preserving the Environment

Humans are not the only species that require water to survive. The water that we use in our homes is also needed by plants and animals that live in forests. When we use water efficiently, we guarantee that there will be enough water for the generations that will come after we are gone.

When we waste water, we end up consuming the volume that’s reserved for other creatures which in return results into a crisis.

  1. Easy to Use

This one goes without saying. Even a layman can use a dual flush toilet without being assisted. These toilets are designed to flush waste at the push of a button that is conveniently positioned at the top of the tank. Besides that, the toilet is easy to install because it doesn’t require to be connected with fittings. It also occupies less space due to its compact design. Conventional toilet on the other hand is cumbersome to install and operate.

What is Bidet?

Bidet is a French word for a pony (and in Old French, bider meant to trot). This etymology comes from the notion that one rides a bidet much like a pony is ridden. The bidet appears to have been an invention of French furniture makers in the late 17th century, although no exact date or inventor is known. Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. Bidets once served as a practical way for couples to prepare themselves before sex, as well as to rinse themselves afterward.

A bidet may also be a nozzle attached to an existing toilet, or a part of the toilet itself. In this case, its use is restricted to cleaning the anus and genitals. Some bidets of this type have two nozzles, the shorter one, called the family nozzle, is used for washing the area around the anus, and the longer one (bidet nozzle) is designed for women to wash their vulvae. These bidet toilets – see these cold water bidets, have been popular in countries like India since British colonial days, as the use of just dry toilet paper to clean the perianal area is considered dirty and unhygienic.Bathroom interior with white and black tile

Have you been under the impression that bidets are only for people too wealthy to use toilet paper for wiping their butts? Now’s the time that you should see bidets in a different light.

Investing in a bidet can make using the bathroom easier for those with mobility problems, promote good hygiene and a cleaner lifestyle, and even cut costs! Here are the 10 reasons why you should use a bidet in your home:

It’s more hygienic than toilet paper.

Your butt is a sensitive area that is vulnerable to bacteria and irritation. Advanced bidets use jets of water to clean your butt, reducing the risk of abrasion and infection the way toilet paper can never do.

It keeps you from spending too much on toilet paper.

A considerable fraction of your budget goes to buying toilet paper, which can be frustrating if you have to balance finances for a large family. You only have to pay a lot for a few years just to buy and maintain our advanced bidets and their accessories.

It saves trees.

Around 15 million trees have to be cut down to supply every American home with toilet paper. If more people used bidets instead, imagine how many trees we can save!

It’s great for people with certain medical conditions.

Bidets are great for clearing your lower colon, which is a great plus for those with constipation. The water jets bidets use are also soothing for those with hemorrhoids, who will never have to risk the pain and discomfort of using toilet paper ever again.

It adds luxury to your bathroom.

Why should you stick to an ordinary toilet seat when you’ve worked hard to make a living? Reward yourself and your family by using a state-of-the-art bidet. Your house guests will definitely be impressed!

It’s great for kids.

Advanced bidets introduce your kids to proper bathroom hygiene. They will learn the value of properly cleaning themselves after using the bathroom.

It prevents toilet clogging.

Toilet paper can easily clog up the plumbing. With bidets, you will never have to deal with problems with the piping or septic tank when you only use water.

Bidet attachments and bidet seats are better than conventional ones.

Traditional standalone bidets need additional space and plumbing, while more advanced ones only have to be fitted unto your existing toilets and connected to your current water supply. They are also easier to sit on than older models. The special features also make them a more practical choice!

Bidet seats are warm and don’t slam the toilet.

The two things that can make using a conventional toilet uncomfortable are the chilliness and the loud noise it makes when it slams down. With slow closing seats and special heating functions, these are no longer problems with newer bidet seats. The slow closing seats also prevent damage to your toilet!

Bidets are just cool!

State-of-the-art bidets have features that put them above all others. From adjustable water pressure to heating and customizable settings, you practically feel like royalty using them. Along with the benefits mentioned before, these make bidets the perfect addition to your home.

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  1. “The dual flush toilets will become increasingly popular in the USA because according to a report published in 2013 showed that 36 states will face water shortage in the near future. “

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