A Thirst for Life – India’s Water Problem

Jhansi | Guest Blogger


“Water, water, every where, not a drop to drink” is what we all have read in our school. It might seem to be a small phrase, but it shows up the reality of the present day life where 70% of it is covered with water but only 1% is meant for drinking

Access to drinking water remains one of India’s biggest challenges. This issue is reinforced each day by a growing population, rapid urbanization and the growing demand for water from agriculture, energy and industry.

When we look at the plight of the country around 163 million Indians lack access to safe drinking water. Not forgetting to mention that 21% of communicable diseases occur due to drinking of impure water and 500 children under the age of 5 die from diarrhea each day in country where 75% of the land belongs to the rural areas.

This might not be affecting us now but it had already worsened the lives of rural people. The rivers, ponds and the wells have dried up due to the climatic changes and a water tank visits the village once in a week and people are allowed to carry home only 8 litres of water which has to last for a week and for this they have to pay Rs 900. This might be a very small amount for us but for a family of 7 members whose earning is 3000 to 5000 per month it is really very hard. People(women) travel for several km. to fetch water from the borewells. As they are not affordable to send their children to schools even their kids are taken to work especially the girls.

Well is there any solution to this problem!? Yes, through cloud seeding, drought monitoring, rain water harvesting, planting trees, reduce Reuse and recycling of water, planting trees, Implementation of government schemes like NFSA ,MNREGA so that people are not distressed.


About the author: Jhansi is a student at the School of Communication, Manipal academy of Higher Education, Manipal.

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