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It has traditionally been the case that bathrooms have not been subject to changing trends and tastes and instead have always remained constant throughout the decades. When doing up your bathroom, you need to think long-term, ensuring that it is suitable for you and your family not only now but also in the years to come. No bathroom, regardless of how big or small it is, is cheap to renovate, which is why most people stick with classic designs, as they do not want to spend lots of money remodeling it in just a couple of years.

That being said, some people may want to include some trendy elements in their bathroom when doing it. For the more adventurous people out there, here is our guide to the best bathroom trends to look out for in 2021.

Colored Bathroom Furniture

blue wooden cabinet beside white wallThe shift from the sterile, surgical white colors found in most bathrooms has been happening for a while now but expect it to explode this year. Color is more widely being adopted to add some personality to the bathroom. Victoria Plum stock a wide range of colored basins, baths, and toilets.

Ribbed Designs

Ribbed/fluted patterns are not only big around the home and on furniture, but now they are becoming equally big within the bathroom also. From shower screens to tiles, and even basins, this trend can be extended into all the regions of the bathroom.

Varied Brassware Finishes

brown plastic bucket near white framed glass doorCompared with just a few years ago, the amount of choice available when it comes to finishes for taps and general bathroom fixtures and fittings had greatly expanded, allowing you to create a very individualized statement in your bathroom. The last couple of years have been all about rose gold and copper, but now the trend is changing to brass and black finishes instead.

Clean & Simple

Although having simple and clean architectural lines throughout the bathroom is not a new trend, it is showing no signs of dying out this year or any time soon. This trend is inspired by the 1930s and 1920s with various textures, such as terrazzo and concrete combined with the crittall style windows and doors for a more modern and minimal look.

Neutral Tones

Subtle, natural colors such as coffee, beige, pearl, and onyx are all set to be big this year. They provide a modern change to the classic white and cream tones that have dominated bathrooms for years now.

One very strong trend is towards Sustainability, and the Greening of the bathroom has various guises.

Water efficiency

A European classification system called WELL, for Water Efficiency Label, will enable you to assess when buying items how they measure up in water usage terms and how they compare to others on the market. Makers of taps, shower fittings, and thermostatic radiator valves are all beginning to publish WELL data, and you will increasingly find this from major manufacturers, including Danfoss, Ideal Standard, Geberit, Honeywell, Franke, Grohe, and Hansgrohe, among many others. Many of these can be found at Bathroom Products Are Us.

One example of the innovations coming through is Ideal Standard’s CeraMix Blue tap technology. Using small-bore plastic pipes within the spout accelerates the speed at which hot water arrives in the bowl, thus making savings annually that are claimed to be up to £174 for a 4-person family. Given ever-rising heating bills, that figure will surely rise, giving a quick payback on an investment in new taps.

Other water-saving devices include low-flush or even waterless toilets.

Energy efficiency

As we are all seeing, conventional light bulbs are being phased out in favor of low-energy designs using fluorescent and LED technologies. It was originally the case that these were aesthetically less pleasing but they have come on a lot on design terms and now there is little excuse for not reducing your electricity consumption in this way. LED ceiling and cabinet spotlights, and concealed under-cabinet features, can provide great design solutions at the same time (also see below the effective use of fluorescents behind a mirror).


The incorporation of recycled glass into bathrooms is on the increase and it is an attractive design element. Equally, on-trend is recycled timber flooring, albeit with the right treatments and waterproofing. Natural sustainable materials will be an increasing feature in bathrooms. You will also see more of a ‘living room’ feel – even if you may not be able to fit in a chaise longue.


What is now called ‘barrier-free accessibility’ is a big trend given our ageing population demographic make-up.

Households are being designed around people of all ages, sizes, and physical abilities. It is known as Universal Design. One aspect is the intuitive operation of fittings without the need for any prior explanation.

The new design wave includes showers designed without a kerb to step over: baths with wide flat edges to sit on and ease in and out of the bath: toilets with built-in child seats that fold into place when needed: and accessories like handrails, mats, and bath seats are being made more attractive while storage for them is built into bathroom planning.

The Home Spa

Finally, the continued trend is for us to want to emulate that luxury hotel spa bathroom looks in our homes. How do you get the look? Here are some key potential elements –

  • Whirlpool bath
  • Body jet showers
  • Waterproof sound systems
  • LED light-changing shower units
  • Heated floor
  • Ceramic floor tiles made to look like wood
  • Large wall tiles

By implementing some or all of these into your current or remodeled bathroom, you will be doing what you can to ensure that the room is bang on trend for 2021. Despite the introduction of bright colors, many of these trends are actually modern takes on age-old classics, so there is no need to worry about implementing them in the fear that within the space of just a few years, your bathroom will already be out of date and require doing up all over again.


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