Experience Airtel 4G at 3G rates in Manipal


Airtel is the premier mobile network across the country and has always led in the field of innovative delivery of mobile services. Continuing its trend, it now delivers 4G network at 3G rates. For the youth of Manipal, this is great news! Visit Airtel’s 4G website to learn more about this great offer! They promise to even deliver a Free 4G sim to your home. All you need to enjoy 4G blazing fast internet is a 4G ready phone and a 3G data pack and you could experience this amazing offer! Initially started in major metros such as Bengaluru, Airtel has launched these services across the country.

Airtel 4G

Their commercial has a classy ring to it and you can view it below!

[vsw id=”tpHZ3sXY6B8″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Mobile data transfer has gone through several generations, with the third generation, 3G, being the first to offer broadband speeds for mobile telephones and personal computers via wireless dongles. The next generation mobile data transfer is a faster fourth generation, 4G, service. Defining 4G should be straightforward, but there are several interpretations of what 4G is, or should be, and not all of them meet the official 4G standard. Lesser 4G offerings have been described as 3.9G, since they are some way beyond 3G, but not quite ‘full 4G’. One such technology, which has gained widespread adoption in some parts of the world, is Long Term Evolution (LTE) which first saw services launched around 2009, and is also sometimes known as 4G LTE. The latest LTE Advanced version however satisfies the main requirements of 4G , and in some cases exceeds them, but is technically an alternative to official 4G systems, whilst also being called 4G by most people.

Visit the Airtel India 4G website and you’ll instantly see their challenge. They promise to pay your bills for lifetime if you show a network that is faster than theirs! Who wouldn’t like to take them up on this, especially when they are giving a free sim as mentioned before!

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