3 VPN Services that will make you Anonymous Online

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VPN services are popular for their ability to make you anonymous online. It is not surprising that the more people are using good VPN services, the more cybercriminals start using them too. That leads us to a problem, while some non-anonymized traffic is normal; it becomes an issue when there is too much of it. When that happens, it may be expressive of an attack in progress or some other kind of suspicious activity.

There are ways to deal with this problem; one way involves using FlowTraq that can help you to determine whether the traffic on your network is legal or coming from a virus. FlowTraq lets you do things like block outbound connections on ports 23 and 80.

Many VPN services use third-party companies to handle their customer’s Internet traffic which means those companies can see everything customers do online.

Even though VPN providers may not keep logs of what you do online after you sign up with them (logging policies vary), they collect plenty of data before you make that first payment. Some VPN providers choose to store this information to prevent abuse. Moreover, cubik has some of the best vpn recommendations for you.

It could be very useful when someone tries to commit cybercrime using their network, but some are known to sell this data to the highest bidder. That is why when you are choosing a VPN provider; make sure to check their privacy policy before making your decision. There are also specific cases when using a VPN is no longer an option for staying anonymous online, when the network administrator forces everyone in their company to use it. If that happens, your best risk would be to choose another company and try not to get noticed.

 List of 3 best VPN Services

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a good choice for using small mobile devices. It is compatible with most operating systems and allows up to five connections at the same time. On top of that, TunnelBear does not keep any logs or monitor your activity.VPN services

However, even though it has an invisible mode allowing you to browse the Internet without fingerprinting, TunnelBear is still far from being completely anonymous online and may get you only the best deal for slow internet, so it only lets you access some websites that are usually blocked by firewalls. The company supports OpenVPN protocol on all their servers which makes them rather secure but also more unsafe than other VPN services.

2.  BTGuard

BTGuard is a proxy service that markets itself as a more secure option compared to other choices on the market, which might be true if you only use HTTP referer headers. BTGuard allows the customers to protect their identity using either FTP or SOCKS proxies or promises not to monitor your traffic. It hides your IP address but does not encrypt it. This ensures your privacy online; there are chances of exposing sensitive information that was included in an unencrypted part of the packet, such as passwords or messages from Facebook or Gmail.

3. Trust.Zone DNS leak protection

Trust.Zone is a country-based VPN service that keeps no record of your activity online and allows customers to pay in Bitcoin. Trust.Zone does not have as many servers as some other providers; it is still a good choice for streaming or downloading torrents thanks to its high speeds and unlimited bandwidth. The company also offers 24/7 live chat support which makes sure that if you face any problems with their service, help is just around the corner.

Worldwide, many VPNs are facing problems of speed and you should know Why Your VPNs Are Slow & How To Increase Speed. Besides OpenVPN, Trust.Zone supports PPTP protocol which might not be the best option when it comes to security, but it does come in handy when using older devices or having connection issues with other protocols due to restrictive ISP policies.

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