In Conversation With: TheFilmyKudi

A very simple and humble person, Shreya has never let her success get the better of her, and has struggled a lot personally and made some really tough choices on the way. “I was born to act, this is what I wanted to do,” says Sheya! Read on to follow our interview with the one and only FilmyKudi!


Chess In The Schools

Chess in the schools provides children a way to plan and use strategy in controlled competitive environment. These skills can be carried over into real life. Chess is needed in American schools. Our children’s education is based on memorization. It


Active Vs. Passive Learning

A comparison of active vs. passive learning and the difference between the types of active and passive classes as it relates to learning. Everyone who has gone to school knows that some classes are better, more interesting, or just livelier

Health & Fitness

A Pint of Blood – World Blood Donor Appreciation Day

We come across a lot many Urgent Blood Needed messages every week if not more frequently. How many times have we actually paid heed to it? And why is it so important to? Prevention is better than cure, but accidents do happen. Blood is another vital fluid that is needed to keep lives living. Donate Blood. Save Lives. Do it often!


Gaining Experience as an Actor

Experience is very important when it comes to acting as a career. A vital instrument that will help you to get through this industry is the experience. The ability to adapt to various situations in a scenario can get you