2014 – What’s your Resolution?

The clocks strike twelve and the beginning of the New Year dawns upon us as some stir from their slumber while others light up some firecrackers. It is the turnover of the year as 2013 comes to an end and 2014 arises. For different people of different backgrounds, cultural settings and mindsets, New Year’s has a special significance in many different ways. For some it’s a means to attempt to turn over a new leaf and be better people. For others, it’s an end to an eventful year with happenings of various kinds, while for others it may be a combination of various things. Of course there’s also that group of people for whom it’s merely a change in the date and life goes on the same way.

New Year's Resolutions

As today starts off, January 1st of the year 2014; there are various spirits and moods around and about and a majority of individuals are surrounded by positive feelings and thoughts. New Year’s brings an opportunity of hope and trust and faith and the rejuvenation and renewal of life’s goals for many people. This holds true for various other occasions in the lives of people too, besides New Years. For example, for many, their birthdays bring about a similar feeling within them of change or reestablishment of values and concepts. For others, some particular religious date or occasion serves this purpose while for others, a certain change in environment or physical setting in the form of a pilgrimage or a holiday or similar tends to influence the individual as such. A common factor among all these occasions in the life of an individual is the concept of making resolutions. Before dwelling into the depths of resolution making and what lies behind it; it’s interesting to note that the word ‘resolution’ can be used and defined in many different contexts, for example in audio, resolution is a measure of digital audio quality. In debating, it is the statement which is debated in policy debate; in law, it is a written motion adopted by a deliberative body. In logic, it is a rule of inference used for automated theorem proving. In the meter (measurement) it is the replacement of one longum with two brevia. In Music, resolution is the move of a note or chord from dissonance to consonance; and lastly as an element of human psychology, as is the New Year’s resolution, a resolution is a commitment that an individual makes; a promise to oneself to alter certain characteristics and factors within.


The roots and actual basis as to why the human being makes resolutions and develops this positive mentality and attitude is in the nature of man to yearn and seek betterment and perfection at every stage and level of life. Man is the only being who truly knows of his hollowness and the imperfections within himself and hence tends to seek betterment and change in life. Resolutions mostly revolve around the situation of the individual based on what he/she faces as a challenge mostly. So for some, resolutions involve the physical aspect inclusive of diets and weight loss plans or plans to eat well and more balanced, or get in more exercise and maybe shed some pounds. For others, resolutions in their social and emotional relationships and life are of utmost importance to them where they seek to better social relationships and their emotional connections to other people, inclusive of family and friends. There is also the group who seek to better their spiritual selves; while others focus more on their mental, academic or monetary aspects. The most important thing to remember in making resolutions, no matter of what category or sort, is to make sure they are realistic and implementable so as to avoid the common trend of giving up as soon as we begin undertaking them. Also, it’s important to love ourselves for who we are and adjust just minor things to better ourselves because loving yourself and your body leads to self-care and confidence too.


All in all, it’s time to go out there, make the first day of 2014 count for something, and live it up until the last day of the year keeping it real and strong. Make a realistic and happy resolution today and have a splendid 2014. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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