Why the Library?! A study time Special.

It’s around that time again, mid year and exam fever in the air. So as an apology for our absence for such a long time, here an article to help you ponder in relaxation as you take a break from your studying.
Opinions are divided about whether it is better to study at home/hostels or in the library and many students tend to have similar doubts and experiments. Being a common library visitor, I feel the sole aim libraries were made for tend to achieve their purpose.

The effect the library has on you begins from your residence where you make a decision to go to library hence your priority and focus becomes set. This combined with the effort of carrying a bag and going there provides a psychological satisfaction and is a motivational factor too.


The air conditioned rooms are a huge relief from the heat of this city and the instant feeling of being in a serious arena of silence and studies tends to encourage and urge one to study well and hard.
So you just settle down into one of the comfortable cushioned seats or the metal firm ones depending on how your gluteus likes it and once you once you dive into your books, the consumption power tends to be strong and time flies, especially since our library clock is set 15 minutes in front.

During my many ventures to and from the central library, I recognized a mixed variety of students who come to the library. Not only are there flag bearers from every batch or every course always around but then there’s the variety of personalities and ideologies and interacting with such a blend of people during every study break is a treat on it’s own. When one gets into a pattern along with others following the same course, they tend to each other. Surrounded by people, all studying in their own way, tends to urge you to join the flow.


This combined with the fresh coffee available nearby and everything from food joints to roadside golgappa to atms being in close proximity, makes up for a pleasant conducive evening of studying.

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So all in all, different people tend to have different choices in study location and as long as we get some studying done and ace exams, it doesn’t matter much. But for those who are still on the search, give it a try…who knows? A distinction and beyond!

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