Manipal Nurse: 5 Amazing Allergy Facts


1. Hay fever sufferers should wash hair at night. Reason: They’ll remove any pollen and keep it from settling on pillows and bedding. Also: Avoid common irritants like tobacco smoke, automobile exhaust, hair spray and perfume… wash hands frequently… venture outdoors only when pollen counts are low.Allergies

2. The best time to take an antihistamine, which helps block allergic reactions, is before symptoms surface. Just Remember: Antihistamines can cause sleepiness. So never take one any time safety requires you to be alert. Suggestion: Ask your doctor about the newer types that cause less drowsiness.

3. Australian researchers found a simple solution if you’re allergic to dust mites and suspect your area rugs make you sneeze and itch: Place the rug outdoors in direct sunlight for a few hours. How it works: Airing out rugs and other household items dries and heats them – exterminating mites. This is an age-old tradition in Indian homes!!

4. Moving to another place is no guarantee of relief for allergy sufferers. Why: They usually develop allergies to their new region’s pollens and molds within a few years of moving. Plus: Most allergy-provoking grasses are widespread throughout the world.

5. As many as 20% of Indians believe they have a food allergy… but less than 1% really do. Most food “allergies” are actually signs of digestive problems, food poisoning or stress.

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