Art & Literature

My Musical Journey

Bhartahari, that eminent poet of the yore, once famously described any person who has no interest in music as a cow without a tail and horns. Unfortunately my grandfather thought otherwise. He felt that anyone listening to Pop Music was


Pick up your razor and shave

When humans first evolved from their ancestors, the world was harsh. Facial hair kept them warm in the long, cold winter months. Facial hair may have once served a purpose for the survival of humankind, but it is now outdated.

Interview Tips

My mess of an interview

Today was the interview I had anticipated the most. Ever since the time I saw the notice inviting applicants, I was beside myself with excitement. Notwithstanding the deadline I promptly applied. The very next thing I did was entreat my


Monkey Business!!

It was a really hot afternoon.The Sun was shining with all its might.Wasn’t it raining heavily only yesterday?, I thought as I waited outside the ATM opposite the Old Trauma Center.It seemed like it would take forever for my turn

Art & Literature

Musings Of A Hero

It was dawn in the forest – the chirping of the birds, the freshness in the air and the rapidly shrinking blanket of darkness were sure signs. In a flash, Harry was awake,alert and ready for any signs of danger.


From Darkness Into Light

This story is for all Harry Potter fans, and particularly for those who wanted a better ending. I really liked Deathly Hallows but one fine day, I decided to make my own version of the story. It’s after Half Blood