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Tech talk of my generation 1As I sit at my computer on BSNL everyday, I wonder if there will come a day when we cease to laugh and simply “lol” ad “rofl.” Perhaps instead of sitting down to write articles, I’ll “rite” and “right” them, because after all, when you’re typing and of our generation, any word is replaceable for something that sounds just like it. This is a symbol of the utter laziness of our generation-our lack of proper conversational and writing skills is directly due to the fact that we simply do not feel like typing out words and sentences because we type so often. It’s a disease of convenience- one of many.

We’re living in an age in which everything is made easy for us, we don’t have to try anymore. Everyone has a calculator, therefore there is no need to truly learn math, only to learn how to plg the numbers in. There is no need to work on spelling-that’s what the spell-check feature on Microsoft Word is for, and our dear friend Word deals us a double bow- we type everything, so there’s no need to work on being able to write legibly. Is it really that difficult to put punctuation at the ends of sentences? It takes less than a millionth of a second to do-are we that lazy? The abbreviation that amuses and dismays me the most is “u.” Is it really that hard to type the “y” and the “o?” “Y-O-U.” Come on, guys.

How wud u like it if the whole newspaper wuz written like dis? Mayb ud like it cuz that’s how we rite all the time.

Mayb if we all just put a little effert in2 wut we write and say, we might just grow up to be a generation that can passably write and use our own language. Typing the periods and capitals isn’t that hard. Nether is typing the end of the word “oh” ( It drives me nuts when I see things like “o really? That’s so awesome!”) I can understand abbreviations such as “Ok,” because that happens to be in the dictionary, and even I don’t bother to type okay unless the occasion is right.

Don’t get me wrong, I “rofl” enough for three people-I just worry that we’re creating problems we’ll be hard pressed to find solutions to.

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