14 Essential Items to include in your Gym Bag

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Whichever the sporting event you take part in, the gym you go to or the type of sporting you are into, you always need a gym bag with the right gear and beauty products. Looking good before and after your win is very important.

These are some of the items that should be in your gym bagGym-bag

  1. Right gear: Always pack the right gym shoes, towels, pants, bra, top, and swim gear if you will be swimming. Goggles and silicon bathing caps are important for swimmers. The pools get treated with different chemicals that are harsh on your hair. All your work-out clothes should fit perfectly and comfortably.
  1. Hair band: Hair oil and sweat mix, causing acne breakouts, and if the sweat drips get to your eyes, the stinging sensation is very uncomfortable. Therefore, carry a hairband or two just to be comfortable.
  1. Pain relievers: Muscle soreness and cramps are almost inevitable when in the gym or at the pool. Carry pain relievers; natural pain relieving peppermint oil is good for relieving any tension. All natural pain relief is necessary for you to get back to your duties and chores with all functionality. Carry pain relievers that will not leave you drowsy if you have to drive or work.

If you experience respiratory/ breathing problems, carry your prescribed medication to avoid incidences in the gym.

  1. Makeup remover: Before diving into the pool or sweating it out in the gym, you should learn to get rid of makeup, especially if your makeup of choice has high levels of oils. This will let your skin to breath easily and will also prevent acne breakouts.

An eye makeup remover will clean out smudges around your eyes after working out.

  1. Body oil: This is specific for swimmers. The chlorine in the water will leave streaks all over your body. Invest in a good hydrophobic body oil and that will not react with chlorine.
  1. Cleansing water: After a gym session, you might not get the chance to shower. Carry natural cleansing water and a smooth towel/ tissue to dab on your face and armpits after working out.
  1. Skin Tint: You might experience redness and uneven skin complexion after working out. Carry a good quality and natural skin tint matching your skin complexion. You can also carry oil free foundation and mascara.
  1. Natural moisturizer: Natural body serums offer more moisture and hydration compared to lotions. They also easily infuse into the skin cells facilitating cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Others have agents that stimulate rebuilding of collagen tissue, healing your muscles faster while retaining your skin’s elasticity.
  1. Hair Brush: You know those friends; the ones who always ask for your hair brush. Carry an extra hair brush for them and one for yourself. Ruffled up hair won’t look good on you especially if you need to attend to official matters after your gym session.
  1. Pressed Powder: Trainers spend most of their time in the gym and eventually sweat a lot. This is why they have a shiny look on their skin. As a trainer, carry pressed powder so that you don’t look too shiny and scare your trainees away.

Baby powder also works wonders for your hair by preventing constant shampooing and conditioning. The powder reduces the greasiness of your strands after working out, leaving your hair in great condition.

  1. Spray: Smelling good after a gym session is important, but as a gym instructor, you need more than good-smelling clients after their sessions. Stinky feet odor is a predicament in the gym. Therefore, you should find a remedy. Try mixing your body spray with home spray to minimize the odors.
  1. Towels: Trainer or not, you need to carry towels to wipe off your oily skin and sweat. Your foundation will not work if you have tough routines. You will also need a towel to drape around your body after a swim and after showering. Remember to carry unique towels so that you do not misplace or exchange it with someone else. You can get your towel monogrammed too. Looking for a reliable press to monogram it? Look no further.
  1. Mat: Yogi or not, you need a mat for the stretches and other moves that will require your body to touch the surface. Keep you mat clean and always disinfect it after use. You never know what is on the gym floor.
  1. Water: Dehydration is expected because of sweating. You will feel thirsty and water is very important. You can also carry a natural energy-boosting juice/ drink to get you moving through the whole session.

In conclusion, look good in and out of the gym by carrying all these workout necessities in your gym bag. If you keep a constant work out regime even when traveling, carry these essentials with you or buy extras.

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