10 Writing Issues that Grammar Checker fix for University Students

Grammar checkers are a blessing for the writers. They help the writers to produce mistake-free content. A writer can check the tenses and minute grammatical mistakes in his written text. You can say that Grammar checkers are modern proofreaders. They scrutinize every single word and its relationship to the adjoining words. Prepostseo grammar checker is most famous among the content writers and students. Let us see how a free grammar checker works to provide error-free content.

  1. Subject-Verb Agreement

In order to create flawless content, the subject and verb must quantify each other. For example, ‘We’ is a plural subject. You have to use plural helping verb which agrees with the plural subject We.

  • We are going to London tomorrow.

You can see that plural subject is in agreement with the plural helping verb. Grammar checker scrutinizes all the subjects and verbs in the text. If any of the verbs don’t agree with the subject it proposes suitable alternatives.

  1. Correct Usage of Tenses

Tenses refer to the time in which a certain action takes place.  Tenses are of three categories i.e Past, Present and Future. Each tense has specific helping verbs which give the reader an idea about the time of the action. For instance, you have to use Future tense to describe an event which will happen in the upcoming time frame.

  • Will he go to school the next morning?

Will and shall are the helping verb of the future. You cannot use them to tell a tale about a past event.

A Grammar Checker analyzes the input text and points out the misuse of tenses.

  1. Correct Use of Forms of Verbs

All three tenses in the English language use different helping verbs. These helping verbs need words to make complete sense. These words represent action and are known as verbs. Each tense uses a different set of verbs. For example,

Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle
Play Played Played
Go Went Gone
See Saw Seen

A Grammar Checker proposes suitable forms of verbs with respect to the theme of the text.

  1. Use of Preposition

A preposition works as a bridge between the nouns, pronouns and other parts of a sentence. In the English language, we come across hundreds of prepositions. Each preposition serves as a unique bridge. Take this sentence as an example.

  • Will you come ? my place?

In the exemplary sentence, the preposition at is missing. You can see that there’s a missing link between the verb ( come ) and the object ( my place).  A Grammar Checker informs the writer about the violation of rules of prepositions. Some Grammar Checkers also provide the option of correcting mistakes automatically.

  1. Use of Punctuation

Punctuation gives an organized feeling to the text. A writer cannot write down his ideas if he ignores the basic rules of punctuation. Punctuation consists of special signs which improve the readability of a text. A punctuation-free text does not appeal its readers. Have a look at the paragraph to understand the importance of punctuation.

  • john is an old shopkeer who lives in london he goes to his shop every day in the underground metro system
  • John is an old shopkeeper who lives in London. He goes to his shop every day in the underground metro system.

Here you can see the difference between the both of the scripts. The script with punctuations is easier in reading and understanding for the readers.

  1. Use of Determiners

You cannot ignore the importance of determiners while writing a script. They specify the nouns for the better understanding of the sentences. A, an, the are some of the determiners. While making a script sometimes a writer unintentionally skips off the determiners. Missing determiners create a bad impression on the readers. For instance, A dog makes more sense than the word dog because the reader knows that the author is talking about a single dog.

  1. Sentence Structure

A good script contains a sound sentence structure. Unnecessary addition of fragments and commas represent poor sentence structure in a text. A writer can use connecting words to join two parts of a sentence. Sometimes a writer fails to keep the sentence intact due to the ambiguous connection between the fragments. Let us analyze the following example about sentence structure.

Incorrect Sentence: The girl with a mole.

Correct Sentence: The girl with a mole on her face is sitting next to Rayan.

In this example, the first sentence does not give full information about the subject. This incomplete fragment of the words shows poor sentence structure.

  1. Vocabulary Choices

A writer is bound to make simple and effective vocabulary choices for its readers. Obsolete words make degrade the reading experience of the readers. A word must correlate with the theme of the script. Novice authors tend to use excessive verbosity to boost their knowledge. This verbosity ruins the pleasure of the readings. For example, words like voice and sound have similar roots but they cannot replace each other.

  1. Spelling and Typing Errors

Every writer makes typing mistakes which create misspelt words. You can avoid typing mistakes by improving your typing skills. You could also learn a few spellings. You can not stop making the typing and spelling mistakes but you can correct them. A Grammar Checker identifies the typing errors and corrects them. You have to switch on the automatic correction option to correct mistakes automatically.

  1. Passive Voice Misuse

A good piece of writing is free from any kind of obnoxious feature. Passive voice flips the role of the subject and the object. You can use passive voice occasionally to make your point. But, too much use of passive voice will affect the readability of the text. It will also affect the tone and style of the text.


Grammar checkers make it easy for the writers to proofread and edit their texts. A writer doesn’t have to read the text, again and again, to find out mistakes. Grammar checker does the hard work of proofreading and correcting the mistakes.

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