10 Ways to expand your mind

Expand your mind if you want to think positively, enhance your intelligence and boost your mood!

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The human mind is the special system that carries out the complex information processing. This system has a plenty of useful features. But there are many weakness and glitches in this information processing system. Fortunately, studies found out that human mind can be expanded by learning, training and other useful techniques. Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce to you the common ways and methods to expand your mind power.

Ways to Expand Your Mind Power

  1. Knowing Your Mind

It is important for you to understand your own mind if you want to expand your mind power. Your mind is different from your brain. The brain is actually the physical structure such as dendrites, neuron, and synapse. Through the mind, you have thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Despite differences, the brain and mind can act together in a structured way.

  1. Reading

If you want to expand your mind, you should read a book in your free time. Reading books can give you wisdom, enhance the creative ability and expand your knowledge. A book shows you a lot of information about the outside world and beyond our imagination. However, wrong information may pollute your mind. It is important for you to distinguish good and bad information before learning. Moreover, you should look for right books and reliable sources to read. Reading book is a good way on how to  expand your mind power.

  1. Writing

You should feel lucky if you enjoy writing. Writing can help improve your cognitive ability and widen your vocabulary. There is a close correlation between regular writing and future success. When you are applied for a career or a job, an employer always expects you to have a solid communication, rich vocabulary and great self-expression.

  1. Doing Puzzles

Doing puzzles help enhance your cognitive ability because you have to use the cognitive function to play this game. Moreover, puzzles require the strong brain’s neuronal connections. To win puzzles, the players have to improve and strengthen their eye-hand coordination. There are many varieties of puzzles. Depending on your requirements and wishes, you can choose the type of puzzles to improve and enhance your vocabulary, memory, thinking and mathematics. This game also helps strengthen your logic and analytical skills.

  1. Listening to Music

People who enjoy listening to music in their free time have a better mind power than others who do not. Music is considered as a mind therapy. Listening to music is effective in enhancing intelligence, boosting good mood and increasing sensitivity. When you are tired, you just need to listen to your favorite song. Music can help get rid of anxiety, stress, and depression.

  1. Painting

Do you like painting? When you paint, you turn the real objects into creative pictures. Each individual has their own drawing. Painting not only shows your self-expression but also helps expand your mind. When you draw, you turn the ideas and thoughts in your mind into a beautiful and expressive art. A real art is a result of a powerful mind and great purpose. You can read or guess the author’s aim, thoughts and specialties by looking at his or her picture.

Let your heart and your hands follow your perspective and creation to create a valuable art.

  1. Cooking

Cooking is another easy way to expand your mind. You do not need to go out. Cooking can be performed at home. A variety of senses should be used to select ingredients and combine them. After that, you can let your family or your friend enjoy a great meal you cook. Cooking is the art of harmony. When you cook, you have to balance the prepared ingredients. For instance, a good sauce requires the balanced combination of sugar, salt, and spices.

  1. Meditating

Meditation helps expand your mind. It enhances your memory, keeps your mind calm and relaxes your body. It is recommended practicing meditation on a regular basis to get the benefits of meditation. It is a great idea to combine yoga with meditation at the same time. Meditation not only balances your body and mind but also improves your mental and physical health.

  1. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is not only fun but also challenging. It widens your mind power by expanding your knowledge and new words. Learning a new language gives you a great opportunity to interact with people from different country.

  1. Eliminating Stress

Stress, anxiety, and depression may block your mind. These stressors affect your personal life, study, and work. They lead to the foggy brain. Therefore, it is important to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

You can chat with your friends, watch a movie, play the game, listen to music, exercise and go out. There are many things you can do to live happily.

Think positively! Think about new innovative ideas! Making your mind stronger, you are able to overcome difficulties and challenges. I just mentioned 10 ways to expand your mind. You should feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post. Thank you for reading.

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