MIT, Manipal, Placement Updates: How the numbers stack up for your course


220px MIT Manipal SealAs some readers might remember, I did a MIT Manipal Placement Analysis two weeks ago which was later taken off after 3 days because of some issues with the placement department of MIT Manipal. These issues were basically about the way the Data was depicted and they feared that it might lead to branch comparison which is dangerous because each branch has its own dynamics. So to basically represent data in a more subjective way, I decided to write this article without using tables and by just using data from each branch individually. I am also considering additional data,  in the form of companies which actually came for each branch. Please note that the data shown is till 9th Feb, 2012.

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Important Points:

  • ‘MRC’ basically refers to Mass Recruiting companies, and in this classification I have borrowed this term which the college usually uses to describe companies which are expected to recruit a significant no. of students.
  • IT’ refers to what according to me are jobs related to IT/Programming/Networking fields.
  • Companies referred to as ‘MRC’ : TCS, Accenture, Wipro Technologies, HCl Generic, Mphasis, iGATE PATNI, IBM, HCL Infosystems.
  • Companies referred to as ‘Branch Relevant’ : Schneider Electricals, Philips Electronics, Mahindra & Mahindra, ABB, Atkins, TATA MOTORS, Tata Technologies, TCE, L & T, GMR Energy ltd, GE Health Care, Honda 2Wheelers, Hero Moto Corp, Hindustan Times, HCL(CORE), Delta Prining press, Wipro VLSI, Robert Bosch, Ericsson, Punjlloyd, Reliance, Toshiba, Ashok Leyland, ACG Worlwide, Maruti, ST Ericsson, Grasim Industries, L & T ECC, Photokina, Ericsson global, Zuari Industries, Total Environment, Blue Star India, Titan Industries, JSW, Ingersoll Rand, HUL, Wipro Infrastructure
  • Companies referred to as ‘IT’: Samsung Electronics, Cybage, Comviva, SAP Labs, Source bits, CISCO, Nomura, Impetus, TRDC (TCS), Oracle, UNISYS, Citrix, Micrpsoft IDC, Microsoft IT, Exeter Group, Fidelity, Cypress Semiconductors, Century Link, InMobi, Societe Generale .
  • Companies referred to as ‘Others’: Deloitte, Mu- Sigma, Futures First, Microsoft SMSG.

Aero & Auto:

Aero, being a young branch, was never going to be a candidate for bumper placements. It still had 3 non-MRC companies. However, apparently no student could clear the written exam for any of those companies.  For Auto, many branch relevant companies visit campus and hence the opportunities for core placements will always be there.

Average Package for Aero : 3.13 LPA


Average Package for Auto : 3.56 LPA



These are two branches were branch relevant placements are very few.  In fact, BME had 5 non-MRC companies for which its students were eligible, while BioTech only had 2, Mu-Sigma and Futures First (both made all branches eligible). Biotech had the lowest no. of companies for which its students were eligible, at 8.

Average Package for BME : 3.09 LPA


Average Package for BT : 3.14 LPA


Chemical, Civil & PMT:

Chemical and civil both have their fair share of branch relevant placements. Also, more than half the eligible students in both branches got MRC jobs. Printing is unique in a sense because of the few students that are in the branch most try going for branch relevant placements irrespective of the package, resulting in a very low MRC job percentage.

Average Package for Chemical: 3.36 LPA


Average Package for Civil: 3.28 LPA


Average Package for PMT: 2.95 LPA



All three branches have similar placement figures, in the sense that they have similar MRC placement percentage. Even the average packages are similar.

Average Package for ECE : 3.5 LPA


Average Package for EEE : 3.56 LPA


Average Package for IC : 3.56 LPA


CSE and IT

These two branches are bound to have better placement statistics because of the number of IT/programming/Networking companies that visit the campus. Also due to the unusually high number of students recruited by Microsoft(11 from CSE,  4 from IT) the average package for both branches is pretty high.

Average Package for CSE : 4.08 LPA


Average Package for IT : 3.81 LPA


IP, Mech and Mechatronics:

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With 119 branch relevant offers for 178 eligible students, Mechanical placements are very good.  To me, this implies that Mechanical students have a nice range of core companies to choose from when it comes to placements, with almost all major companies coming to campus. IP had 13 non MRC companies for its 39 eligible students, while Mechatronics had 10 non-MRC companies for its 35 eligible students.

Average Package for IP : 3.48 LPA


Average Package for Mech : 3.57 LPA


Average Package for Mechatronics : 3.61 LPA


Conclusion :

This analysis was done from a purely placement point of view and it is not my intention to comment on the overall scope of any branch. One must also recognize that in certain branches, e.g,  Bio-Medical and Bio-Tech, placements are usually not the ultimate aim of students and many prefer going for higher education. So, here I am only stating what the performance has been, irrespective of other considerations. All I am saying is that if one wants to know about placements in these branches till 9th Feb, these are the numbers.

Also, in my opinion, MIT Manipal with its large batch size is never going to have very high average packages or high branch relevant placements for most branches. Placements this year have been much better than those for earlier years. But now, and for the foreseeable future, MIT placements cannot hope to compete with the IITs or the better NITs, which have small batch sizes and are generally considered to be academically and technically superior.  I remember on my first day in college, in July 2008, the director at that time, in a speech said that MIT has crossed all NITs and is now competing with the IITs. That was then, and is still, completely untrue. With ever-increasing batch sizes, MIT is in a completely different group and in comparison with similar colleges, does pretty well when it comes to placements.

Please note that this analysis is across factors and metrics which are important in my opinion. People might differ with the analysis, and in case of any clarifications/complaints/queries may comment here drop a mail to [email protected] .  But please do not, under any circumstances,  call me at 8 am to argue about this article.


  1. Thanks so much! This is very informative. Appreciate all the effort you must’ve gone through in compiling all this info.

      • My cgpa is 6.56 and I’m in 2nd year (Mechanical), so the best I can get is upto 7.1 or 7.2 cgpa by the end of 3rd year. Is it difficult for me to get placed in a core branch in the campus? I will be doing summer training next month which could help my resume.

        • GPA is basically a qualification criteria. most companies have 7 as a cutoff. As long as your tech knowledge and know how is good, you can always get placed in a good core company. However, you would definitely be asked in the interviews to explain why you have a low gpa.

      • Thanks for this info.  Just curious to know .. The number of students in Aeronautical in this year (first year admission) is about 180, whereas you mentioned eligible students to be around 40 or so.  Am I missing something or is it that for this batch the intake is about 40 only?  Please let me know.

  2. true..i completely agree..all unfair comparisons and false comparisons are being made to get the crowd to come in. Its only when you come in that you realise that its a competitve environment again and if you are not in best 50 in your batch (ece,eee,mech,cs) then you cant expect anythng other than a MRC

    • Don’t really agree with this generic statement. You need to be good with your branch knowledge if you want to get into a core company. Companies come here to pick people who are best for them. In my experience GPA has mostly been a qualification criteria rather than a decisive criteria . In fact for three of the branches you gave as examples- EEE, Mech and CSE, people who might be classified as average have got pretty nice placements. 

    • Aeronautical 3.25 HCL(Core),
      Auto 4.9 Maruti,
      BME 3.4 IBM,
      BT 4.05 MU Sigma,
      Chemical 5 Reliance,
      Civil 4.34 Grasim,
      CSE 16 MS IDC,
      ECE 10.6 MS SMG,
      EEE 6.2 Philips Electronics,
      IC 5.8 GE,
      IT 16 MS IDC,
      IP 5.84 Hero Moto Corp.
      ME 5.84 Hero Moto Corp.
      MT 4.75 Mahindra & Mahindra,
      PMT 3.16 TCS

  3. for mech at least what i observed from my batch…be prepared for written …and should be eligible for all companies….and it wont matter if u r in top 50 or top 30….coz in the first mech company Mahindra…50 % were above 8 and 50% were below 8 cgpa. ( approx)….

  4. @manipalblog:disqus…
    As far as Aeronautical Engg. is concerned I think you’d rather dig up the placement matter a little more. You have mentioned that “no student could clear the written exam for any of those companies”. First of all 1 student reached the 2nd last round and another reached the final round of a company.

    Now the fact is the placement department has not informed the companies (which regularly visit our campus for placements and which have Aeronautical/Aerospace sector) properly that MIT has Aeronautical Engg. also. I was also surprised by this fact but this is what the interviewer of a company told a student during the final interview round. As per the interviewer the company came for recruiting Mechanical Engineers because they were not told that MIT have Aeronautical Engineering branch.

    • Thats what the placement ppl told me, because they objected me saying there were no core placements in my last analysis. They said with the companies that came in, no one could clear the writtens. Still, its a new branch and hopefully, with time, more companies will come for aero students.

    • Hey, i am just a student who go access to UG placement data and just put it together concisely in a few tables. I dont have access to PG data. If i get the data from somewhere, then sure I will do it. But as of now, i can’t think of any way of getting my hands on that data.

  5. hello,d stats u r giving is completely different frm wat d profs say at d time of counselling……..they r tryn to project to d freshers tat dere avg placement is much higher than wat ur stats reveal…i am utterly confused !!!!!!!

    • Hello Rajesh,

      These numbers have been taken from official numbers provided till Feb 9th. Of course there may have been placements after that as well.

      • mostly they won’t lie, but they might use generic statements. Completely depends on the particulars of what was conveyed to you.

  6. Hi Pulkit. Thanks for the above info. I will be glad if u can highlight on the placement figures of Msc Tech programs. So far what i found is most of the placements are just interships. I am supposed to take admission for this Msc tech Lateral entry program. but kind of confused coz currently i am working in cognizant and leaving the job and then going for the program whose placement figure is doubtful sounds a bit risky. So please guide me with this asap. Thanks a lot.
    Deepak Pattnaik

    • Hey Deepak, I don’t have access to MSc placement data, so can’t really give any insights on that. If i get my hands on that data, maybe then i can give you some insights into the placements.

    • That might be the case for most branches, but in your first job, it always better to look at the kind of profile you get rather than the package you get.

  7. joinin mit manipal civil would be better or taking cse or ins in comedk under top 10- 15 ranked colg??  which vl have a better scope and placement

    • I can only tell you how placements in MIT Manipal have been. I dont really have any idea about placements in those colleges.

  8. Hey Pulkit, thanks for this info. I’m in 3rd year right now and wanted to know if you had any idea about the ‘college cut off to sit in the placement’. Thanks.

  9. I would like to do the M TECH or MS in VLSI in Manipal University. So will i get placement if i do this course or what is the probalbility of getting the job in this course??

  10. hi i m a diploma student wkng in a press tool company
    is it better to do the job or takr lateral entry in manipal(mech)
    which is better for me n why?

  11. Sir i have got 4800 rank in manipal entrance test… Going by previous year cutoffs i will be able to get eee and it……i m confused between the two………Pls guide me…..

    • Information technology (IT) is “the study, design, development,
      implementation, support or management of infotech”. Information
      technology is a general term that describes any technology that helps to
      produce, manipulate, store, communicate, and/or disseminate

      Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals
      with the study and application of electricity, electronics and
      electromagnetism. The field first became an identifiable occupation in
      the late nineteenth century after commercialization of the electric
      telegraph and electrical power supply. It now covers a range of
      subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal
      processing and telecommunications

      Personally i feel it depends on your interests.Electrical
      engineering has a lot of scope but much to study and information
      technology is not much in demand but lesser the study electrical
      engineering you have a lot of options to opt for,but if you wiant to
      take IT one thing negative about it is that you won’t be able to sit for
      IES.Consult your school teachers and experts also about choosing the

    • EEE is little diffcult to study but IT is comparatively easier to EEE.
      You have lot of job options if you do EEE but IT you have to Focus only
      in IT based. If you any doubts in subject there are lot people to help
      in IT but not in EEE. Same u have lot of computer centres are there for
      IT but not for EEE. But in projects wise u have small company for EEE
      projects but IT u have very limted options

    • The ideal way to choose would be to look at the syllabus both these branches have over 4 years, and then see if any of that fascinates you. If you still are not able to decide, then talk to your seniors. Both branches are very different. If one of them interests you, then difficulty in studying should not really be an issue.

    • hii all….thnks for your reply earlier…i have my counselling tommorow..maipal has introduced a new course -computer science and communication eng…..should i give it prefrence before eee….please help…urgently

  12. @ManipalBlog:disqus
    i have got 2438 rank in the manipal entrance exam…can i get computer science?

    • Hello @disqus_e2qNUj3fE0:disqus There is a good chance that you will get Computer Science at this rank. The last two years cut-offs have been at or around 2500-2800 rank. Keep your fingers crossed. Good luck!!

    • hello everybody i got 1873 ranK in m tech in manipal university

      can i get (CSE) seat???


  13. Hey..
    The information provided is really helpful giving a proper insight about the institute’s company liaisons. I would be really obliged if i could be better guided about choosing my stream by my seniors at manipal. I wanted to know that what streams could i possibly get having attained 9,500 rank in the MU-OET.
    All help would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  14. Pulkit Sachdeva, Dr. Vishaal Bhat do u have any idea regarding the 2013 placements, mech in particular. thanks in advance

  15. hai, my marks in manipal muoet for Mtech (E.C.E) is 108 and Iam gate qualified ,my rank in gate was 19000 wha is the chance of getting admission in Mtech in MIT manipal if i get which branch probably i get ,digital electronics,mechatronics,microelectronics,please suggest me

  16. Hi, I got a ranking of 890 in Manipal OET for MTech. Do i hold any chances of getting a seat in ECE category?
    Ur reply helps me to decide if i should attend counseling!

  17. Hello…I got 376 rank in MIT Mtech entrance exam..will I get a seat for Mtech microelectronics? Is there any Mtech in Embedded systems??

  18. Hi, m Shamith. my ranking in m.Tech entrance is 1589…. Will i get a seat for mtech in ece branch irrespective of the subject?

  19. Hi, m Hemendra. my rank in m.Tech online entrance test is 762…. Will i get a seat for mtech my background is from ECE help me plz my email Id is [email protected] reply ASAP on my mail ID

  20. PLZ PLZ Reply….
    My Rank in Online Test is 674 in ECE with valid GATE score. I dont wanna join Msc Tech, so do i have any chance for in Microelectronics or Mechatronics ?

    Please give a honest reply as i have to cancel my other counselling Event in other college which i may Get for sure.

    With Best Regards

  21. Hello every one its very very helpful what you people are doing….. Please help me out with this too…
    My muoet rank is 508 i am intersted in Mtech in manufacturing tech. At manipal campus only. What are the chances that i will get a seat….
    Please revert asap.. It will greatly helpfull

  22. hello everybody i got 1873 ranK in m tech in manipal university

    can i get SE BRANCH seat???


  23. Which companies do visit for M.Tech in Power Electronics for placement(internship)? In what no. student avg. selected & what avg. package they offered?

  24. My rank in M.Tech online test (Electrical) is 955. Can I get a seat in M.Tech in any electrical field?

  25. My rank in M.Tech online test (COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGINEERING) is 1580. Can I get a seat in M.Tech in any COMPUTER SCIENCE?? please reply as soon as possible………

    • hey garima, consider your comment which is a year old now can you please tell me did you get a seat in manipal? btw my rank is 1885

  26. HI
    can anyone tell me the cutoff ranks for the following 3 PG courses
    MTech Microelectronics
    MTech Digital Electronics & Advanced Communication
    MTech Control Systems

  27. My rank in ece is 360 which branch do i get should i go for networking how is placement of last year…how is embedded placements

  28. I have got less than 1500 rank in manipal this year.
    I am joining CSE in manipal. Can I get what is avg of CSE in manipal after 2011-14 branch.
    Also what is the total amount of students who sit for MU-OET annually ??????
    Update your stats for 2015.
    Please 🙂

  29. Is it worth to join MU and spend about 14-15Lac for the Automobile branch in current scenario?Pls answer in terms of placements and facilities.

  30. Hi, Please provide the placement percentage of recent years like 2016 and 2017 of Civil Mtech. It would be really helpful.

  31. I saw that the seat Matrix at MIT Manipal campus for EEE is 216. Then why were only 104 out of 200 candidates eligible to sit for placements? Is the placement in this branch that low? Also is the highest package always as low as 6 lpa? I just gave my MET 2019 and is thinking to join the EEE branch. Thanks in advance!

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