10 Proven Reasons to Get a Computer Science Degree

Nowadays, we use computer technology in many of our days to day activities. From communicating with others, making presentations in school, or at the workplace, to getting to our homes.

We’ve reached a point where we cannot imagine living in a world without technology. More so, for the younger generations.

Why should you consider Computer Science Major?

  1. We live in the digital age

Computing processes are continuously pervading industrial and organizational operations. As such, you must possess some level of computer proficiency whatever role you have. More marketers, journalists, medical practitioners, and others are learning necessary computing skills.

So, should you.

  1. Exponential growth in the industry

Every year, there seem to be several new and exciting things in the computing industry. Now, we are all raving about Artificial Intelligence, and by 2020, the influence of technology in our daily lives will be unimaginable.

  1. Rewarding career opportunities

With the evolution of technology, so is there an increase in demand for specialists with computing skills. Also, computer science covers many roles and has numerous high-paying positions.

  1. Job satisfaction

The challenge of many millennials is finding jobs that fulfill them. However, studies show those in the technology industry have more job satisfaction than those in other sectors.

  1. It has universal Significance

Professionals with computing skills are sought out around the globe. Therefore, computer science offers you the opportunity to travel and work in a company of your choosing.

Skills Developed in learning Computer Science

  1. Problem-solving

In almost every advertised open position in the workplace, you will find problem-solving as one of the required abilities to possess. In computer science, you learn how to use logic and problem solving to make everyday life, better.

You could use this ability with your personal statement edit difficulties.

  1. Collaboration

Often, computing involves collaborating within a team. Thus, you learn to efficiently work with other people who may have different skills to reach a common goal.

  1. Creativity

An innovative mindset is vital in the field of technology. The evidence of this is in the success of some of the entrepreneurs who have strong computing backgrounds. From Bill Gates, Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg.

Additional opportunities for those in the field of Computer Science

  1. Go Freelance

The rise of the gig economy makes it possible for one to make money from the comfort of their homes. Thus, you can offer your computing services without having to work as a full-time employee. To make money on the side, supplement your studies, or as your main hustle.

  1. Make a Difference

The use of computer technology is connected to almost every other field. In addition to the numerous and varying job prospects that the degree offers, it also allows you to make a difference. From advocating for civil liberty protection as data becomes the new gold, to fighting, against cybercriminals.

Final Take on whether to get a Computer Science Degree

Yes, you may make the worst personal statements mistakes on your first draft, but this shouldn’t keep you from pursuing your heart’s desire. With a computer science degree, you have numerous roles that you can fit in, options for working internationally and changing the lives of others.

So, go for it.

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