Questionable Path – Mechatronics Engineering at MIT Manipal

Mechatronics is still a branch in doubt. Parents are rarely ready to send their wards to a branch which does not have a lot of scope in our country today. Everybody wants their child to either be in an electronics related branch or an Information Technology one. No-one wants to stead in the unknown path.

What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics Engineering follows an integrated curriculum to provide a broad-based education in the basic principles of electrical, electronics, mechanical, control, instrumentation and computer engineering. As, a student they have the chance to get to learn a bit of every major discipline. This way they are groomed to take up and pursue many a paths in their future. The course aims to produce students who can design and develop smart machines and use their multidisciplinary skills to meet growing demands of an industry.

Mechatronics in ManipalMIT Manipal Facts

Although a relatively newer department, Mechatronics has a team of sixteen motivated and well-qualified faculty members with diversified specializations and three supporting staff. Infrastructure facilities include a well-equipped laboratory, “Mechatronics Lab” and a Departmental Library.

Scope of Mechatronics

Today, Mechatronics Engineering has gained much recognition and importance in the industrial world and has become an engineering discipline on high demand. It is a multidisciplinary field of engineering with far-reaching applications on various sectors of the society. It is centered on mechanics, electronics, computing, control engineering, molecular engineering and optical engineering which, combined, make possible the generation of simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile systems. It aids design, development, maintenance and management of high-technology engineering systems for automation of industrial operations.

Mechatronics can be viewed as modern mechanical engineering design in the sense that the design of the mechanical system must be performed together with that of the electrical/electronic and computer control aspects that are critical to their operation.

Related subjects in First Year

  • Engineering Graphics – would be required to completely understand the drawing class of the subject named Theory of Machines and also in CAD LAB.
  • BET/BE – A combination of knowledge from these subjects will be required in Analog System Design and Digital System Design
  • Mechanics of Solids – Concepts from this subject will be required in Design of Machine Elements.

Some Useful Reference Books

  1. Dr. Roy Choudhury – Analog System Design
  2. Dr. P.K. Nag – Thermodynamics
  3. Design Data Handbook (must buy) – Design of Machine Elements
  4. R.K.Bansal – Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  5. R.K.Jain – Metrology and Measurements
  6. Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation – A.K.Sawhney
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