Zlatan Ibrahimović’s debut season in Italy


Ibrahimović is one of the best players so far in the 21st century. The Swede has won many team and individual awards. The first big title in his career was the Italian crown. By the way, Serie A standing is always presented on the sports statistics site.

He moved to Italy in the summer of 2004 after joining the ranks of Juventus. The Swede was 23 years old and immediately joined the attack of the Old Lady, even though there had already been such stars as David Trezeguet and Alessandro Del Piero. In his debut season in Serie A (2004/2005), Zlatan scored 16 goals.

At that time, Juve also won the national championship. However, this title was later removed from the club amidst the Calciopoli scandal. And it is easy to monitor the team’s current standing in the Italian Serie A on the sports statistics website.

The next season turned out for Ibrahimović less successful. The Swede scored only 7 league goals. Juve won it again, but the team’s title was also taken away. And in the summer of 2006, Ibrahimović left the club’s ranks. The Old Lady was sent back to Serie B to organize fixed matches. However, Zlatan did not want to play in the lower division. He moved to Inter Milan, where he managed to show more impressive results.

What helped Ibrahimović to prove himself in Serie A?

In 2004 Ibrahimović moved to one of the world’s most competitive leagues. Moreover, it was not easy even to break into the starting line-up. But his game proved that Zlatan is worthy of appearing on the field regularly. By the way, today livesoccer is always available on the sports statistics website.

So, as for Ibrahimović, he made a very good debut season in Serie A due to:

  1. Excellent technique and coordination. It was never a problem for Zlatan to outmaneuver almost any opponent. That’s why he could create a moment out of nothing.
  2. Good chemistry with other players of the Old Lady. For example, Pavel Nedved, Del Piero, Emerson, and others.
  3. A powerful shot. Sometimes his striker, even from outside the penalty area, was accurate.

The most important thing is that the Swede felt very confident right away. Thanks to this, he was not afraid to take responsibility, to participate in all attacks of his club. That is why his debut season in Serie A was so successful.

And it is easy to follow today the livesoccer with the participation of the Old Lady on the website of sports statistics. Here all the team’s confrontations, not only in Serie A but also in other tournaments, are covered. Although Ibrahimović spent relatively little time with the team, with his bright game, he wrote his name in the team’s history, so he is still remembered by fans of the Turin club.

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