Tips to Help Young People Transform Into Adulthood

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The period of abandoning childhood and venturing into adulthood comes with several challenges. It is, therefore, clear that there are pressure and confusion among the personalities involved in this process. The young people will, therefore, need to undergo a thorough preparation for the future. But the job of raising young people to handle the period of transition from childhood to adulthood is quite demanding. This task needs a strategic preparation of ways that will enable the target groups to successfully enter adulthood without facing barriers and difficulties in the process.

A good number of people believe that transition into adulthood entails a strict observation and prioritization of creativity, critical thinking, resilience, empathy, among other factors. But then young persons are likely to handle the transitioning period through world experience in navigating the unknown through some kind of rite of passage.

Recently, youths have acquired teachings from their elders through rites of passage. According to Arnold van Gennep, rites of passage involve three phases; separation, liminality, and reincorporation. All these are meant to ensure a great transition into adulthood. The rite of passage process is designed in a way that forces the target group to leave the ordinary world and adopt the feeling of no longer being a child. It is a better practice but then coming to extinction in modern society.

The rites of passage way must also be adhered to despite tending to lose its grounds. The following approach can handle the rites of passage in an almost successful way. Through this approach, young people can deepen their self-knowledge and, in turn, manage the unknown comfortably. The strategy will also help young people develop a consistent behavior that matches well with what is expected of an adult.

Let the process of moving into adulthood be smoother for the young people by following the approach discussed below by experts from Viva Essays.


This stage is structured for the educators of young people. Through this stage, the initiates are encouraged to have a deep self-understandability. The young people should understand their strengths, their passions, their goals, their preferences, among many other issues. Therefore, through this, success can be achieved through the cultivation and enhancement of skills of the young to help them solve all the community challenges facing them. The young should also be exposed to leaving the comfort of their homes and venture out into a new environment that requires self-thinking in handling issues.

Threshold of Adulthood

The threshold stage is a stage where the young are left to explore many challenges by themselves. They should be left to experience this even close to a point of giving up. The learners should be left to develop a growth mindset and should be reminded consistently of the need for learning from mistakes and that giving up shouldn’t be a way out in failure.


Let the person transiting from childhood to adulthood keep a constant record of all the challenges and things handled daily. It is, therefore, the role of every person to ensure that some of these strategies are reinforced to help young learners to leave their usual way of life and venture fully into adulthood. The responsible persons should always keep in mind that these processes are accompanied by challenges and therefore address the target parties accordingly.

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