You – A Poem by Harshit Goyal


You - a poem by harshit goyal 1You look back , you see memories

You see ahead , there’s uncertainty

Your present ‘s actually a phase of transition

You don’t exactly  know your mission

You let your heart loose

You realize u were a fool

You enjoy committing mistakes

You make decisions in a fit of rage

You redefine life’s principles

You start feeling invincible

You are said to have been changed

You feel for them the same

You set your destination

You do all the preparation

You fall for the trap

You misplace the map

You are driven by an unknown force

You fail to find the mysterious source

You are confused and amused

You look for some good news

You have always been stupid

You now realize there doesn’t exist  a cupid

You have hundreds of things to think about

You are stuck coz of a million doubts

You need to realize that it’s this beautiful life

You have been living without paying any price

You have happiness all around

You have to cut off noise and listen to its sound

You see through the world’s eyes

You now have made the right choice

You never let your hopes die

You know destiny and luck are part of a lie

You grin and smile

You now can walk a million miles and no longer  fragile

You stay fresh and shine like the morning dew

You are now a new You !

About the Author: Harshit Goyal is a student at the Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. He is currently pursuing his B.E. in aeronautical engineering. He likes to see the beautiful side of the world and entertaining his friends with his mimicry and imitation skills.

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