World Environment Day

World environment day is an annual campaign run by the United Nations Environment Program on 5th June to raise awareness about the environment and nature to protect the planet earth. Every year a new theme is declared and that particular year is devoted to that specific cause. The theme for this year is “ air pollution.“ Air pollution is the most serious problem of the current time all over the world, especially in large cities because of the massive level of industrialization. The release of such air pollutants in heavy concentrations such as smog, particulates, solid materials, etc. are getting settled over the city, causing air pollution and health hazards to the people.

4.2 million deaths are reported every year as a result of air pollution, in India alone, 1.2 million deaths take place. Delhi is the most polluted city, and it comes 4th in global rankings.

The pollution, first of all, gasoline combustion exhausts from automobile engines is a deadly addition to the air we breathe. Throughout this process, fuel is consumed in a heating course of whereby a hydrocarbon (gasoline) reacts with oxygen in the air to release energy.

The byproducts, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides are released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, additionally a byproduct, forces warmth to remain close to the floor of the earth, additionally contributes to international warming. These engine pollutants, as well as others coming from industrial plants, have been linked to such serious illnesses as appendicitis, diabetes and breast cancer. What are the risks?

Studies have discovered that high nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide ranges place individuals at more considerable danger for headaches, thus prompting more emergency room visits throughout the summer. The reason is that pollution has inflammatory results on the blood vessels. (Irritation weakens the body’s defenses against disease on account of the elevated release of free radicals. Free radicals are liable for disease).

High prevalence of breast most cancers has additionally been linked to higher than normal ranges of nitrogen dioxide. Gasoline combustion has been shown to increase inflammation in the body with instances of appendicitis being linked to this pollutant. Blood stress also can soar because among the pollution within the air may cause constriction of the blood vessels, thus driving up the diastolic blood pressure (the underside quantity).

Is it any wonder that these chronic illnesses are resisting successful remedy? What might be completed for prevention? Plan outside activity when the air quality is the best. That is generally in the morning or evening. Additionally, ensure that any workouts or exercising is finished far-off from busy highways or closely traveled roads. Hearken to your body. In case you really feel sick. Cease the activity. That is very harmful to general well being anyway. Other issues that you can do is to replenish on meals which can be high in antioxidants reminiscent of cherries, kale, oranges, grapefruits, and tomatoes. These meals cease the action of free radicals.

Even though the government has set up many rules and passed laws to control it, the pollution as a whole cannot be removed one fine day. Such a large scale polluting problem cannot be controlled by a single country, the get-together effort of human beings all over the world may help in controlling the present levels of air pollution.

As Robert Swan said, the biggest threat to our planet is that someone else will save it. However, that should not be the case. There are many things in this world that we take for granted. As the years go by and our greeds take over our needs we have started to take our environment for granted. The land we live on, the water we drink, the air we breathe all come to us for free but with the way we’re treating it, its loss is the most significant price we’ll have to pay throughout the entirety of the human race. So this environment day and the ones coming hereafter, we must pledge to learn to live sustainably. A little effort goes a long way.

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