Wordless Wednesdays: Photo of the week!


This was taken by Smriti Shalini with a 3MP Camera.  That’s right 3MP.  Just goes to show how much can one achieve if you want and if you try.

 The camera doesn’t take the picture the photographer does.  A machine cannot visualize, you can.

An this is the difference between taking a photograph and making art.



  1. A very beautiful composition, the endless streams of cloud with the barren landscape give such a romantic feel! As though this is from one of those movies, that depict angst of a forlorn lover!

  2. Taking nothing away from anyone, but megapixels don't really matter for a photograph which is viewed in the given dimensions, do they? 🙂

    Anyhow, I love the composition and although it is something that is often seen, this pic does have a "different" feel to it.

  3. I know resolution and quality are two different things but they are generally co related (My previous mobile P910i had a VGA camera but the qualtiy was good !)

    After all who builds a 10 MP camera with a bad quality or a VGA with a good quality.

    Deep capture.

  4. Just a copy of what I posted on FB:

    3MP is more than enough if the lens quality is good. (just as an example, your laptop screen is probably less than 1MP, full HD(1080p) screens are 2 MP), so unless you are printing a photo or cropping/post processing it in any way, anything above 2MP does not give you anything

  5. Hey thanks for putting this up…I remember looking out the window of the bus I took from Blr airport to the city…a nice romantic song coming on the radio…thoughts in my head…just felt that I had to capture this!!…Quite agree with Dr. Vishaal

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