Wonderland – Ojaswini Srivastava


Wonderland - ojaswini srivastava 1I was lost there

Flying among the stars

I catched a butterfly in

And it took me into a strange land

I flied with it over the palm trees

I sat on the flowers

Swaying along with the honey bees

The butterfly made me like it

And we flied together some time long

Again I gained my form and walked alone

I went near a tree bark

That lied down on the ground

It was so huge, so dark

I sat on it and saw around

There was beauty

Melody and peace

All around were lovely figures

Some honey bees

Some butterflies

Flowers of all colors

Magenta, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, red, pink

I stood up and went to the pond

The water was shining blue

I took a pebble and threw in it

Ripples formed and raised up the stones beneath

I put a foot into it and touched the water

That felt so calm, so heavenly

It was quiet and beautiful all around

Nowhere there was any sound

Not even the bees were buzzing

They were rather humming

Not the crows were yelling,

They were rather chirping

Nothing there was depressing

Though it was calm and simple

But nothing was dull or sad

The plainness was peace

And loneliness was bliss

No one there was enemy

No one hated each other

There were so many people

But all in love

So even when they all were talking and making merry

There was nothing noisy

But just then my alarm rung

And I had to wake up

Filled with the thought of that world

I wish someday this earth

Is too like that wonderland

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